Zeno Acne Treatment – How Does It Work?

Acne is the most common skin ailment treated by the dermatologists all over the world. Almost every course of over-the-counter and prescribed acne medications involves the same drawback—an unknown length of treatment period and a number of side effects. Zeno acne treatment is that miracle which could successfully clean out your acne blemishes within a very short time frame.

A perfect medication for your skin type would certainly fetch you up the win over the acne blemishes provided you have put together your patient and perseverance. But, what if you get the same outstanding result in no time without any painstaking treatment procedure?

What is It?

Zeno is the outcome of modern technology. It is a small sized electronic device meant for rapid acne treatment, which is FDA approved too. This portable, handheld device is not only scientifically advanced and immensely effective to make acne pimples disappear fast, but also it could be purchased without any physician’s prescription.

How Does It Work?

Acne is mainly caused by clogging of hair follicles due to piled up dead skin cells and excess sebum production these are accompanied by the factors like inflammation of the pores and bacterial infection by Propionibacterium acnes.

Zeno acne treatment primarily attempts those factors like inflammation and bacterial infection. This device has a metal tip pad. This biocompatible pad is designed in such a way that you can bring it in contact with the acne blemishes on your skin. Once applied onto your pimples, Zeno transfers a digitally controlled heat dose through this tip directly onto the acne lesion.

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zeno acne treatment reviewsIt might go up to 120D F of temperature. One internally placed proportional integral derivative controller (PID controller) chip is used to control the heat flow. This chip modulates the heat of the tip continually to keep it within a preset range of temperature.

In presence of different types of skins having diverse heat circulation properties Zeno automates its flow of heat energy as per the absorption rate of the individual user. The tiny microprocessor chip not only acclimatizes itself with your skin type but also adjust spontaneously with the heat absorption characteristics of the acne hickey. In other words this fascinating gadget adapts you conforming to your requirements.

As soon as you have applied Zeno acne treatment device onto your pimple it triggers a heat-shock response in P. acnes bacteria which under stimulation activate heat-shock protein in their own cells which eventually causes self-destruction of P. acnes bacteria.

In this fashion Zeno annihilates bacteria and mitigates inflammation and acne pimples and protects your skin from further acne breakouts.

When and How You Should Use It Zeno Acne Treatment

Zeno acne treatment is one of the highly recommended user friendly electronic devices available in the global market. It is applicable for mild to moderate inflammatory acne conditions. It is always best to use this treatment at the first sight of your pimples. The sooner you apply this device the more possibility that you get a scar free healthy skin.

As per instruction you need to use this device on your pimple for around 2.5 minutes. For each pimple you need to repeat the whole process for two to three times spread over 24 hours. You need to replace the cartridge containing the microchip after ninety uses.

Most often one treatment is enough to clear a single acne lesion. The whole Zeno acne treatment does not have any side effect and the level of heat is not harmful to our skin. It might leave a red mark for around 20 minutes after the application depending upon your skin type. If you have any doubt regarding any abnormal outcome of this treatment or if you are facing any sort of discomfort with the device immediately discontinue using this and consult with your physician for further help.

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Comparison with Other Topical Acne Medications

Acne sufferers, whoever goes for other topical over-the-counter or prescribed topical or oral medications, always fall victim of one or more nominal to severe side effects. The whole treatment procedure not only involves some degree of uncertainty and a longer period of time but also needs the patients to take specific treatments to heal the associated side effects. All the more you might not be sure about the positive outcome.

The main advantage of Zeno acne treatment is its extremely fast healing process and it is free of any side effects. Its heating affect won’t create anything more than a temporary red mark.

Zeno Acne Treatment Price

Zeno could be purchased from physicians’ clinics by S235.00 and it would cost $35.00 for each replacement of the cartridge. It is always preferable that before taking any step consult with your medical practitioner to know your acne condition and whether Zeno acne treatment would be right choice for you.

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