Yasmin – Find the Best Hormonal Acne Treatment

Statistics says almost 80% of the total population of this world faces acne, the most irritating niggling skin disease treated by dermatologists worldwide. It has been found that one of the prime causes behind this skin disorder is hormonal imbalance. Women often become victim of unsightly acne blemishes during menstruation. Physicians and gynecologists frequently prescribe some specific birth control pills as hormonal acne treatment to heal the acne condition of those women who are experiencing androgenic skin disorder; and Yasmin, being a famous contraceptive pill of this kind, grabbed the popularity among women acne sufferers throughout the world.

Hormonal Causes of Acne

Acne is the chronic disorder of skin pores and oil producing glands embedded underside of epidermis layer. These oil producing glands, also known as sebaceous glands, secrete sebum or body oil to keep our skin smooth, soft, and cool. Some times, especially at the onset of puberty or during menstruation in women body, the male hormone androgen starts behave erratically and influences sebaceous glands to discharge excess sebum through the skin pores.

This surplus body oil get mixed up with dead skin cells and clogged up to give rise to red tiny acne lesions.

Who Needs Hormonal Contraceptive Treatment?

Hormonal acne treatment using contraceptive pill is strictly restricted for women acne patients. Most of the women at the child bearing age experience a surge in male hormone secretion causing several androgenic skin disorders including onset of acne lesions and undue oiliness all over the skin. It has been reported that professional women between the age group of 20 to 40 frequently suffer from stubborn acne on the facial skin, although they did not face this skin disease during their adolescence.

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best hormonal acne treatmentThis situation is mainly imputed to surplus of androgenic secretion due to stress related reasons which causes the sebaceous hyperplasia and eventual acne formation. Adult female acne sufferers in such condition often found themselves not responding to any traditional acne treatments, secreting huge body oil, worsening of acne situation during menstruation, and irregularity of menses.

For these cases hormonal acne treatment with birth control pills could be the ultimate and best option, which not only reduce the number of acne pimples significantly, but also help to take proper birth control measures at the same time. There are quite a few oral contraceptive pills are in use to treat acne condition; Yasmin is one among them.

How Yasmin Works

Birth control pills effectively stabilize the flow of androgen hormone in female body, thereby restricting sebum production and assuaging the acne condition. Yasmin pills contain drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol as active ingredients. These two entities are similar to the hormones progestin and estrogen respectively which are quite similar to female natural sex hormones. Drospirenone proficiently offsets the effects of acne which lends you a better looking flawless skin.

Drospirenone or progestin in Yasmin works as an antiandrogenic agent. It slacks off the androgen level in serum by scavenging androgen receptors. In this way it cuts down the drive of oil glands diminishing the causative factor behind acne formation.

Ethinyl estradiol or estrogen present in this hormonal acne treatment acts in two different ways. It diminishes the amount of luteinizing hormones (LHs), thereby affecting its role in acne formation. At the same time it pumps up the production of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) in the female body. SHBG acts by hunting down testosterone molecules and letting up the androgen level in the serum of female body. As soon as Yasmin gets hold of this male hormone the sebaceous glands becomes less active and the number of acne flare ups gradually falls off.

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Benefits of Yasmin

Many women in their child bearing age look for some hassle free medication which could achieve two aims with one effort. Hormonal acne treatments of this kind are not only helpful in taking care of proper family planning but also efficient in blotting out mild to moderate acne pimples if used with some topical acne preparation.

In some complicated gynecological ailments like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), women often reported to suffer from plumping in of acne rashes. This is actually the symptom of the PCOS. Yasmin could be extremely useful in the treatment of acne associated with PCOS. This medication significantly reduces the testosterone level, thus clearing out the acne blemishes and hirsutism.

Female acne patients who are scuffling from severe nodulocystic acne condition often pick out oral retinoid, isotretinoin, as their ultimate succor. But this medication could not be administered to pregnant women or those wants to get pregnant as it could impose severe birth defect in unborn child. In such circumstances Yasmin could come in handy by providing perfect safe guard for unwanted pregnancy. Simultaneously this hormonal acne treatment helps this oral medication by reducing the surge in sebum production.

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