With Murad Acne Complex Exterminate Your Acne

Almost everyone among us face the assault of acne at some point of our life. Either at the early pubertal stage or late thirties or forties, anyone could be assailed by the scourge of this skin disease irrespective of age, sex, or racial origin. If you are feeling the same way then the amazing Murad Acne Complex Kit might end your searching endeavor.

In addition to this scuffle most of the acne sufferers find it too difficult to hunt for a perfect treatment procedure, which often turns out to be a compilation of a number of topical and oral medications leading to a messy complicated regimen. In such a situation every acne patient would wish for a medication which would be simple, easy to use, and all the more would take care of every aspect of acne without requiring any additional supplements.

This simple and complete acne healing system would certainly help you tear up acne blemishes by the roots in just four weeks!

Basic Reasons behind the Formation of acne complex

It is believed that acne shows up due to the swelling of hair follicles embedded below epidermal layer of our skin. Due to a few complicated reasons the oil producing sebaceous glands under the hair follicles become over active and set off surplus body oil or sebum through the narrow channels of pilosebaceous units.

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This surplus oil together with dead skin cells get accumulated inside the skin pores instead of reaching over the skin surface. Thus the blocked pores get swelled up giving rise to acne pimples like zits, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. Acne causing bacteria Propionibacterium acnes feed on the sebum.

They easily invade the swelled comedones causing infection which turn into inflamed moderate to severe acne lesions.

How Murad Acne Complex Works

With this exclusive compilation of some of the most effective acne medications you could have a complete easy to use regimen which not only clears up your existing acne blemishes in no time but also helps to thwart future breakouts resulting in a healthy, clear, soft, and smooth skin texture. The whole regimen involves over all three vital steps.

Step 1: Clarifying cleanser

anti acne complexIn this step you would use Murad’s amazing acne cleanser which would destroy 99% of your skin surface bacteria merely within a minute or less. This gentle cleansing item of acne complex is prepared from salicylic acid, green tea extract, menthol, triclosan, water, cimicifuga racemosa root extract, camellia oleifera leaf extract, kernel oil, tetrasodium EDTA, and many other natural and synthetic ingredients.

The combination of all these components results in an antibacterial deep pore cleansing gel which effectively prohibit bacterial proliferation on your skin surface.

The key ingredient salicylic acid is well known for its exfoliating nature. It helps to clear your skin from dead cell debris preventing the likelihood of future outbreaks. Menthol and green tea extract help to sooth the irritating skin. Triclosan being a strong antibacterial agent helps to control bacterial growth on the skin surface.

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Lather a little amount of this cleanser over the moistened face and neck area. Use your palm to gently massage.

Do not use any wash cloth or scrubber as this cleanser naturally exfoliates your dead skin particles. Rinse off the applied layer with warm water (do not use hot water) and use a dry towel to pat dry.

Step 2: Exfoliating acne treatment gel

This acne complex product would open up your blocked skin pores paving the way for maximum penetration to effectively cleanse them from deep within preventing further acne breakouts. This patented acne treatment gel formula is a unique blend of retinol, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, licorice, chamomile, aloe vera, water, glycolic acid, butylene glycol, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, hydrogen peroxide, and many other natural and synthetic components.

Retinol, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid curtail accumulation of dead skin cells to control acne outbreaks. Hydrogen peroxide purifies the whole skin area without letting it dry up. Licorice, chamomile and aloe vera work as antiinflammatory agents to mitigate irritation and redness of the inflamed acne lesions.

Everyday after using clarifying cleanser apply a little amount of this gel all over the facial and neck area and gently massage to let the skin absorb the whole amount. If you are experiencing any discomfort with this product please consult your doctor to correct your regimen for the best output.

Step 3: Skin perfecting lotion

This third component of acne complex is an oil-free moisturizer. It hydrates the exfoliated skin area to activate and rejuvenate the healthy and uniform skin texture and tone. This skin perfecting lotion contains retinol, arnica montana flower extract, queen of meadow extract, water, dicaprylyl maleate, butylene glycol, glycerin, sorbitan stearate, honey and algae extract, talc, and many other natural and synthetic substances.

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Retinol and meadow extract minimize the surplus oil production and shrink the size of the pores. Arnica alleviates the irritation of the acne affected skin.

Followed by the exfoliating acne treatment gel apply a dime-size amount of this unique lotion with gentle massage over the skin area of face and neck. This topical medication would help you to keep your skin moist and smooth reducing any redness and irritation.

If you experience any sort of side effects while using this acne complex kit please see your dermatologist at once to rectify the regimen to achieve the optimum result.

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