Winning Over Chest Acne

It is too hard to find any single person in this world who had not experienced the nightmarish panic of acne at some point of life. The ravage of acne is so strong that it reaches any part of human body wherever there is excess of oil, turning it into its favorable breeding ground. Chest acne is one such turmoil which is experienced by quite a large number of people. However the issue is relatively less discussed since the main focus of acne victims often center on one location that is the face.

Influential Aspects Which Cause Acne on Chest

The first and foremost risk factor associated with the formation of acne on chest and other body parts is tight clothing. Tight clothing generates discomfort by trapping the perspiration within the body surface. This perspiration is an irritant for the skin surface especially for preexisting acne lesions which aggravate due to the presence of perspiration. Besides, tight apparels rub against the skin surface which also becomes another source of skin irritation. It also depends highly on the type of fabric used in garments. Chest acne is also caused by frequent carrying of heavy backpacks. The straps that exert friction against the skin in the same way as coarse and tight apparels might be harmful for existing acne condition.

As it has been mentioned earlier, sweat is an irritating substance for our skin. Therefore, if people with an acne prone skin experience too much sweating and has either no scope or habit of taking regular bath, are more susceptible to developing acne on different body parts including chest.

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Chest acne

Deodorants often bring some relief during hot summer days. This is why many people, particularly those from tropical regions, grow a habit of using deodorants on their torso. However, not all deodorants are harmless. Some of these products often cause blocking of the skin pores as well as triggering skin irritation, thereby paving the way for growing chest acne.

The common cause of acne formation is a surplus amount of body oil discharge. Body oil or sebum is discharged by the oil or sebaceous glands embedded within our skin surface. These glands are connected with the hair follicles. Whenever there is an excess secretion of body oil, along with a flawed exfoliation process, the dead skin cells get stuck into the sebum inside the follicles and clog the pores. Bacterial buildup within the skin pores aggravates the entire situation by adding inflammation into the affected region. Just like face acne, chest acne might also form in this way.

In many instances it is found that hormonal imbalance is a major cause behind the discharge of surplus amount of body oil. Male hormone androgen, which works within male and female body, is responsible for the amount of sebum discharged by the oil glands. Therefore whenever there is a rise in the level of this hormone in the blood, acne is almost inevitable.

Ways of Dealing with Chest Acne

Although body skin deviates from facial skin to some extent, yet the acne treatment and prevention procedure for both areas are almost the same.

Topical treatment of acne on chest is not as cumbersome as that of back acne since it is not really that hard to reach all the areas of chest. An effective topical treatment for acne on all parts of the body is the use of salicylic acid as an effective exfoliator of the dead skin cells. Salicylic acid is available in the form of over-the-counter products at any of your nearby local medicine shop.

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For severe cases, it is certainly not a wise decision to ignore the situation or try OTC products at random. Skin experts often suggest oral antibiotics or Accutane in order to attain faster and more effective cure for chest acne.

Preventive measures like staying away from tight clothing, deodorants and cosmetics that are not marked as noncomedogenic or suspected to be creating irritation on the skin surface has been proved to have a great key role to play in controlling acne.

Take regular shower, at least once a day, especially after coming back from exhaustive work situation. Make it a habit in order to wash off the accumulated perspiration from your skin.

These days, natural treatments have made a boost in the field of chest acne remedy. Different natural ingredients like tea tree oil, lavender oil, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, etc. are a few names among a wide range of natural antiacne products.

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