Unparalleled Benefits of Natural Acne Treatment

Nature has provided us with countless nourishing and remedial agents in the form of fruits, herbs, minerals, and other natural extracts. Their undeniable contribution is being cherished and utilized by man since ancient days for different medical purposes. Natural acne treatment too has won people’s warm recognition worldwide for their strong impact, easy availability, and harmless attributes.

Natural derivatives are mostly famous for their age-old skin care regimens and even homemade skin care products are also possible to be prepared with simple, inexpensive, and accessible natural ingredients.

Quite a lot of such elements are widely used for acne remedy, namely apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, tea tree oil, herbal tea, lemon juice, rose water, and so on.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is basically an extract of apples which could be easily prepared and stored to be used as a strong natural acne treatment. It is enriched with several vitamins and beta-carotene to revitalize and provide nourishment to our skin and body.

It is also enriched with the strength of purification and detoxification of our body. This in turn plays a significant role in diminishing skin blemishes. Apple cider vinegar or ACV could be consumed orally or applied topically on the affected skin surfaces.

Although oral intake of this element is really a tough task due to its awful smell, but if it is done successfully, it would surely bring about a visibly amazing impact on the skin.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a kind of oil extracted from Australian Melaleuca alternafolia tree. This natural element has earned the fame of being a successful natural acne treatment basically due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. A component called terpinen-4-ol is believed to be responsible for its antifungal attributes.

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This is purely a topical treatment often used as a strong natural substitute for benzoyl peroxide. Studies also revealed that tea tree oil has fewer side effects as compared to benzoyl peroxide. However, undiluted tea tree oil might generate undesirable impacts like irritation, redness, blister, etc.

A popular regimen suggests mixing of 5 parts of tea tree oil (5%) to 95 parts of water. Several tea tree oil based acne treatment products are also sold over the counter which are also equally effective.

Aloe Vera as Natural acne treatment

Unparalleled Benefits of Natural Acne Treatment

Aloe vera is the name of a short tropical plant with thick leaves, the extract of which is used broadly as a rich natural acne treatment. The raw extract is filled within the stem of the plant which looks like a thick semiliquid gel-like substance.

Aloe vera comes in various forms like gels, creams, lotions, or soaps. Pure aloe vera gels are also available in the market, but one must check whether it contains 100% pure aloe vera.

This natural element is famous for its curative, anti-inflammatory, and rejuvenating, skin corrective attributes.

Gibberellin and mucopolysaccharides are the two elements present within this natural substance which are mainly responsible for stimulating the skin and diminishing the lesions.

Even though it is being used as a strong food preservative since historic ages, when it comes to acne treatment, aloe vera is always used topically.

Rose Water

Rose water in combination with lemon juice is a very famous and popular natural acne treatment. For best result they are applied all over the face for around half an hour. This homemade acne solution is suggested for regular use in order to attain a desired effect on one’s acne prone skin. Regular habit of using this solution on a clean face can gradually improve the overall skin condition within a few weeks.

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Herbal Tea as Natural acne treatment

Herbal tea is a pure natural extract of a few natural ingredients which are crushed and mixed in a particular ratio in order to prepare this great acne removal agent. The following elements are used to prepare herbal tea:

• Two parts of red clover

• Two parts of dandelion root

• One part of echinacea root

• One part of alfalfa leaf

• One and half part of capsicum

Regular intake of herbal tea works as a wonderful natural acne treatment. If you are aspiring for a glowing clear skin, then herbal tea must be in your daily habit.

Strawberry Leaves

Many acne stricken patients reported to have achieved a miraculous result from strawberry leaves. As per popular regimen, strawberry leaves are smashed and stuffed in a poultice to apply on the acne affected skin surface.

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