Knowing and Combating Bad Acne

bad acne

Bad acne — the most frightening skin ailment common among teenagers are also known as pimples, zits, skin rashes, whiteheads, blackheads and so on. Though it doesn’t bear any serious life threat, but the onset of acne is able to bring about psychosocial impairment by pushing one into depression and isolation. This apparently harmless ailment … Read more

Acne Keloidalis and Its Treatment

acne keloidalis

Acne keloidalis nuchae is one of the most traumatic and unsightly form of chronic skin disorder, which is also known as keloidal folliculitis and nuchal keloidal acne. This disease is characterized by inflamed lumps and scars throughout the nape and at the juncture of the scalp. What It is Although, there is no connection between … Read more

Acne Genes – Latest Revolution in Acne Therapy

Acne Genes

Acne is one of the most common dermatoses which often show up all over the face, neck, upper back, chest, or even on legs of adolescent people throughout this world irrespective of race or color. Not only youngsters, this skin disease could become a nightmare even at your adult stages. For years numerous scientists all … Read more

Surmounting the Curse of Cystic Acne

Cystic Acne

If you are drawing unwanted attention and facing difficulties to socialize due to so many red swollen pus-filled lumps grown all over your face, then you must be suffering from cystic acne. This is the most severe form of common acne or acne vulgaris. They are inflamed, painful, and persistent in nature, which need to … Read more

Role of Hormones Behind Adult Acne and Its Treatment

Adult Acne

It is a common myth that acne is the bane of adolescence which gradually fades away after approaching adulthood. Those adult acne treatment sufferers who have been sporadically struggling with this perturbing skin disorder might realize this more than any one else. It is a fact that many people at their thirties and forties and … Read more

Acne Cyst and its Treatment

acne cyst

Acne cyst is the most severe form of acne vulgaris, which is one of the most widespread skin disorder found to happen among adolescents as well as adults throughout the world. Severe acne conditions are often characterized by deep inflamed cysts and nodules which eventually cause profound damages to the skin texture leading to unsightly … Read more

Acne Rosacea – Another Name of A Menace

acne rosacea

Acne rosacea is one kind of skin ailment which is usually more common among middle-age adults. However, the occurrence of rosacea among young adults and even adolescents is not uncommon. It usually attacks the central zone of the face and is characterized by excessive flushing or redness, swelling of the affected areas, firm and cystic … Read more

Understanding Body Acne

Body Acne

It is often noticed that most of the treatment regimens and discussions about acne are usually focused on facial acne, whereas body acne remained an unattended issue. However only an agonized sufferer knows what kind of pain in the neck it could be. Acne on back, chest, thighs, and other body parts are found to … Read more

Back Acne and Its Treatment

Back Acne

Back is that area of human body which is most difficult to reach, and therefore the whole process of treatment becomes even more cumbersome if this portion is attacked by any kind of skin disorders like back acne. Besides, this often neglected part of our body generally remains unexposed and unnoticed. Perhaps this is the … Read more

The Unsightly and Alarming Problem of scalp acne

Acne on Scalp

If you are passionate for nice looking hair or infatuated by changing hair styles and fashion, then acne on scalp could be a rather more distressing trauma for you. Scalp acne can damage the entire appearance of head, neck, and any adjacent portion of the scalp. Surprisingly, in spite of its dreadful impacts, scalp acne … Read more