Things to Be Remembered For a Better Acne Cure

Awareness is the strongest weapon for achieving the best cure especially when it comes to a dangerously persistent skin ailment like acne. A little misconception might lead to a huge bulk of additional troubles ending up with a rather miserable outcome. In order to achieve proper acne cure, one must build up a close understanding of the reasons associated with acne, the structure of skin, how acne takes shape and what preventive measures and medications should necessarily be followed.

The apparent physiological dysfunction that work behind the formation of acne is by and large some troubles associated with hormonal imbalance. Androgen or male sex hormone which is present both in male and female body, is responsible for stimulating the sebaceous glands of the epidermal skin layer for secreting sebum. A rise in the level of this hormone therefore triggers a higher level of sebum secretion. Another vital bodily process of shedding off the dead skin cells is also plays a key role in forming acne. Due to the same hormonal dysfunction, the process of skin exfoliation speeds up and a greater amount of dead skin cells get stuck with the excess oil accumulated on the skin surface. Gradually these cells block the skin pores trapping the secreted sebum inside the pilosebaceous unit. Bacterial organisms traveling on the skin surface enter the affected lesions, proliferate there and inflame the entire region. Then it swells up and becomes visible as tiny bulges on the skin surface as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples or zits and so on. For adopting the right method of acne cure, one must be enlightened about this basic concept of acne formation.

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Though the immediate causal factor is physiological, but indirect factors might be involved behind shooting up this physiological abnormality. Unhygienic foods, abnormal lifestyle, insufficient water intake, irregular bowel clearance, lack of cleanliness or wrong cleansing methods etc. are few such associated reasons which might aggravate abnormality in bodily function, followed by acne breakout.

A regular habit of cleansing one’s face twice a day should be developed. No hard soap is suggested, gentle face wash, mild soap or cleansers might be used for the best result. Avoid the habit of frequently touching your hair since your hair is the home of millions of microorganisms and body oil or sebum. Whenever you touch your hair, the malicious agents transfer on to your hands and from there to your face. Therefore it is also essential to grow a habit of keeping your hands and hair clean on a regular basis.

Consumption of good nutritious food is also equally important as a good method of acne cure and prevention. Although food is not a direct contributory factor behind the occurrence of acne, but lack of proper nourishment upsets your digestive system, thereby disturbing the hormonal balance. A habit of improper and unhygienic junk food consumption results into accumulation of toxic substances within one’s body which run through the blood stream. It is the automated immune mechanism of human body which tnes to expulse these malicious materials through the skin. It is understandable that the toxic levels in our skin increases during this process which also might result into the formation of skin eruptions. Erratic life style, eating oily and junk foods frequently, and especially too much intake of alcohol, tobacco, tea and coffee might also result into digestive disturbances like what is explained above. Therefore if you are aiming at proper acne cure, you must forget these erratic food habits.

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Cleaning the body internally is as important as keeping it clean externally. In this regard, proper and sufficient water intake is another important factor playing a key role in acne prevention. Water is the one and only substance that is able to wash all toxic and harmful substances out of one’s body. The skin cells, in the absence of sufficient water, are actually unable to discharge the toxic and waste matters out of one’s body. These matters are stored there itself and later contribute in acne formation. In addition to this vital cleaning and detoxification procedure, water is also responsible for regulating the digestive system. A regular habit of drinking water half an hour before or after the meal is highly beneficial for having a sound and intact digestive system.

A proper awareness about these bodily functions and a regulated life with hygienic habits form the stepping stone of successful acne cure.

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