The main causes of pimples on face in adults

Causes of pimples is the most widespread skin disease which could captivate one’s mind in psychological isolation. To facilitate the correct treatment for acne it is extremely important for us to understand the root causes of pimples.

Pimple is developed by a host of interrelated factors, which also vary from person to person. It appears at the clogged pores on our skin surface. Our skin consists of sebaseous glands (oil glands) and hair follicles. Sebaseous glands are connected to hair follicles by pilosebaceous canals through which oil or sebum oozes out.

Pimple is caused by the impediment of these canals. This situation is brought to pass by several reasons. The most frequent causes of pimples on face in adults are:

Why pores clogged with hard sebum?

Owing to intricate human physiological changes and several other causes sometimes oil glands become over active and secrete excess oil, which accumulates under the skin inside hair follicles. This leads to clogging of pilosebaceous units. If this condition persists for a few days, occluded pores swell up and these show up as acne.

Pimple is mainly a result of the combined effect of androgenic hormones (male hormones).

These hormones are present in both male and female body. When we enter adolescence stage androgens become active and affect in two ways:

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Hormonal Changes – cause of pimples

The main causes of pimples on face in adults

Pimple is mainly a result of the combined effect of androgenic hormones (male hormones). These hormones are present in both male and female body. When we enter adolescence stage androgens become active and affect in two ways:

– They stimulate the sebaceous glands to swell up.

– Androgens instigate sebaceous glands to excessively exude sebum.

The augmented sebum leads to block the pores in the skin which is one of the primary causes of acne formation. During puberty the androgen secretion rises and contributes to high growth of acne among teenagers.

On the other hand in case of women, female hormones (estrogens) are associated with acne. During monthly menstrual cycle estrogen level rise and fall in female body. As the estrogen level drops, women face a lot of acne problems. Again when the hormone level increases, it helps to heal acne.

Role of Bacteria – as one of the causes of pimples

Bacteria play a significant role in pimpe development. The anaerobic bactera Propionibacterium acnes, which rise and proliferate in the retained oil of our skin, are mostly responsible for skin blemishes. These bacteria prefer to accumulate on oily skin and produce some chemical substances which trigger redness and inflammation of the skin. P. acnes secrete some enzymes which dissolve in our natural body oil and create some irritating chemical substances, which combine to worsen the inflammation resulting in zits or pimples.

Unhygienic Diet and Improper Food Habits

Unhealthy food intake plays a key role behind the causes of pimples. Lack of important nutrients from our daily food items may induce our digestive system to secrete some hormones which in turn bring about the formation of acne. It is found that probiotics in our digestive system help our skin to stay healthy and clean by eliminating toxins from our food items during digestion. These toxic chemicals are excreted through the skin in the form of pimples.

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Wrong food habits and erratic lifestyle are also believed as the major causes of pimples. Eating in odd hours, food items with excess amount of sugar and starch content, and oily foods lead to indigestion and chronic constipation. In this situation, our body cannot expel the waste matter properly and toxic level goes up in blood stream.

Body immune mechanism automates the expulsion of toxins through skin, which sequentially gives rise to acne. It is also found that excessive intake of alcohol, tobacco, tea, and coffee cause indigestion and general impediment, which causes acne.

Here, one point should be made unambiguous that food items are certainly not responsible for any type of acne. But, during the process of decomposition of some of the foodstuffs, certain toxic chemicals surface as a byproduct and intensify the break out of acne.

Cosmetics and Makeup – another cause of pimples

Oil-based cosmetics are extremely harmful for pi prmples one people. Heavy or oily makeup puts in excess oil, which enhances the level of oil already present in the skin.

Oily skin triggers the reproduction of P. acnes bacteria and also helps dead cells and dirt particles to line up at the pilosebaceous channel, clogging the pores and thereby causing acne.

Family Tradition

According to many researchers pimples runs in families. It is found that people having heredity of this skin disease are mostly susceptible to acne.


Some studies have established that high stress level may trigger and worsen pimples condition especially in adults.

Weather and Clothing

Hot and humid weather and skintight clothes often restrict the skin to breath and increases the perspiration level. Excess sweat mixes with sebum creating a filmy layer, which blocks the pores and causes blemishes.

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If we are really conscious about the causes of pimples on face in adults it would be far easier for us to take the preventive measures against this painful skin disorder.

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