The Wonders of Spironolactone Acne Treatment

spironolactone acne

Spironolactone acne is a type of water pill. In a nutshell, water pills are those medicines which command the kidney to press out sodium from the body and in doing so it causes considerably a larger amount of water excretion. Every next door in this world you would find at least one or more person, … Read more

How to Prevent Hormonal Acne

Hormonal Acne

Acne, the most frequent and perturbing skin disorder is mostly known to strike us at the onset of adolescence irrespective of sex, race, and origin. But nowadays it is not an unknown fact that this could also ravage our social life at any point of time between the age of 20 years and 40 years … Read more

Doxycycline for Treating Acne


Acne is one of the most common forms of skin disorder that everyone of us often experience at some stage of our lives. There are several categories of acne comedones which require different yet appropriate treatment procedures to heal completely. Doxycycline is an oral antibiotic which belongs to tetracycline family. What is It Doxycycline For … Read more

How A dermatologist acne treatment Might Help You in Winning over


Have you got fed up to the back teeth with the niggling stubborn acne problem? The fact is you are not the only person; there are countless acne sufferers like you who after a number of unsuccessful attempts got hopeless and left without any choice but to find one professional practitioner who might help you … Read more