Winning Over Chest Acne

Winning Over Chest Acne

It is too hard to find any single person in this world who had not experienced the nightmarish panic of acne at some point of life. The ravage of acne is so strong that it reaches any part of human body wherever there is excess of oil, turning it into its favorable breeding ground. Chest … Read more

How to Cure Your Acne Scar

How to Cure Your Acne Scar

Statistics say almost 85% of adolescents and adults throughout the world face acne, the most devastating skin disorder. While most of them get cured without leaving behind any trace, some unfortunate ones bear the agony of disfiguring acne scars. With the quantum leap of medical science scientists have developed a number of curable acne scar … Read more

Get Rid of Unsightly Marks with Acne Scar Removal

Acne, the thorn in adolescents’ side leaves behind many consequences. One of the most terrible outcomes of this traumatic skin disorder is acne scar which would always affright you with the unpleasant memories of adolescent acne. Those unsightly blotches often devastate the self-esteem of acne sufferers which many teenagers and adults find hard to rebuild … Read more

The Susceptibility of Acne Prone Skin

The Susceptibility of Acne Prone Skin

A clear understanding of the structure and function of acne prone skin, and how it behaves in a different way from normal skin, is the stepping stone of a proper remedial procedure as well as precautionary measures. What is skin? To begin with, one must first know what skin is and its general functions. Skin … Read more

A Few Acne Tips for Blemished Skin

A Few Acne Tips for Blemished Skin

Acne – strangely a common skin ailment which is able to make the life of 85 percent of teenagers and young adults hell, apparently looks to be inescapable. So here are a few acne tip of how to deal with affected skin as well as keep normal skin protected from the invasion of acne. People … Read more

Acne Care Information – Awareness is the Best Cure

Acne Care Information - Awareness is the Best Cure

Lack of awareness and good acne care information is the foundation of most of the stubborn cases of acne. People, most often, are found to be resorting to the shortcut method of popping even the inflammatory pustules, ignoring the consequences that might leave permanent scars. This happens basically due to utter impatience, negligence, ignorance about … Read more

Consequences of Acne – A Greater Psychological Threa

consequences of acne

To speak about the social growth of human being, a reality which becomes most prominent is that majority of us undergo the horrifying experience of being haunted by acne breakout at the onset of puberty. The emotional consequences of acne that it leaves in the young mind are far more severe than its physiological consequences. … Read more

The Relation Between Acne and Human Skin

Acne and Human Skin

Many people are incognizant about the fact that skin – the cutaneous membrane of human body – is the largest among all other organs. First, you should learn the general structure and function of this organ before you could understand the relationship of acne and human skin. Skin accounts for around two square meter of … Read more

Acne Control Cleanser – A Few Easy Steps

Acne Control Cleanser

Standing in front of the mirror with the infuriating sight of a few red protuberances on the face and your day starts off with frustration, pitying glance, annoying remarks, and unwanted advices. Isn’t that enough to push one into absolute depression? And won’t it be heartening if the chance of all these could be minimized … Read more

Know About Acne Myths

acne myths and facts

In our society, where facial manifestation is a matter of societal recognition, a severe dermatological condition like acne often leaves a permanent psychological stigma in teenage mind. For years, numerous acne myths and misconceptions have augmented and misled people to have their heads in the clouds about the possible solutions of acne. These false ideas … Read more

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