Sunburn – A Brief Outline

If you are a frequent visitor of the beaches or work under the sun in the yards, or simply stay under the sun for a considerable time, you are bearing a higher risk of developing sunburn. This is a kind of blistering caused by overexposure into the sunlight for a longer duration.

Although a rare event, yet this type of skin problem might sometimes result in sun-poisoning which could turn out to be lethal. It might start even after an exposure for 30 minutes. The sufferer might experience mild fever accompanied by headache and sometimes dehydration too. Usually people with fair skin are found to be more frequently victimized by this skin condition.

What Causes This Type of Inflammation?

Sunburn is not a disease; rather it is one kind of burn which occurs due to excessive exposure to ultra violet radiation or UVR. Sun light is the source of this UVR in most cases; however it might be contributed by other sources like phototherapy lamp, arc lamp, tanning bed, etc.

The extent of damage or severity falls under the category of first degree burn. Sun tanning is a very popular practice in many countries across this world. Solar radiation helps in motivating cutaneous synthesis of vitamin D. But when the duration of exposure to radiation exceeds above normal level, it results in burns like this.

This skin problem is more prevalent in places situated at a high altitude or regions near the equator. In some cases previous occurrence of any skin ailment intensifies the risk of sunburn.

Symptoms and Indications Sunburn

As it is already mentioned, it all starts with headache and fever. Along with that the skin turns red in color. These prominent indications start showing up after 2 to 6 hours of the exposure and reach the peak after 12 to 24 hours.

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In severe cases where the patient is attacked by sun-poisoning extreme blistering and burnings are noticed. The situation is worsened by immense fluid loss which we call as dehydration. Instances of infection are also not very uncommon.

There are many common symptoms which are easily identifiable, like feelings of cold, a frequent tendency to vomit or nauseate, skin flaking which starts after a few days. In most cases the symptoms resemble much like flu.

Home Remedy for Sunburn Cases

sunburn reliefHome treatment is allowed only if you are confident that the case is a less severe or mild one which does not need hospitalization. Cover up the exposed skin area with some soft nonabrasive cloth. The patient must be given cold bath or at least cold sponge all over the body, especially on the affected regions. And this must be continued as many times as possible. By any means, keep the patient out of sun. Any exposure to sun light might end up with detrimental consequences.

Since in most instances the patient suffers from fever and headache, it would be ideal to place one in a quite and cool room in order to provide enough relief. Consumption of plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit juice and water would help in doing away with dehydration.

The burn areas are usually marked by swelling and pain. In order to heal these problems, use aloe vera as a very good soothing natural agent. Topical steroid creams of 1% strength might also be used in case of adult patients for the same purpose. However, it is always better to consult your physician before using steroids.

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Peeling or flaking of skin is another problem noticed in sunburn patients. But it is a part of the healing process as well. Therefore there is very little you could do about it other than applying some soothing gel or moisturizing lotion.

When Do You Need Medical Intervention?

Medical assistance is needed in acute cases of this troubling skin condition. One needs to identify the extreme conditions under which a patient needs serious medical attention in order to avoid further hazards.

These conditions are characterized by severe pain in the swelled zones. Also there are severe blisters, extreme headache, and fever. The patient might nauseate or vomit frequently. And if these conditions persist, one might even faint. Also there might be the presence of other acute skin or health ailments.

Under such circumstances, it is always suggestible to take the doctor’s advice so as to evade any kind of risks. Let the doctor decide whether it is safe to continue the home treatments or if the sunburn patient needs to be kept under medical supervision.

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