Stress Acne – what does look like? Why sleep is important?

It is still a controversial issue whether stress is really responsible for acne breakout. However, it is certain that they can create a situation where our natural body mechanism is disturbed which indirectly aggravates the possibility of stress acne. Insufficient and disturbed sleep, habit of eating at wrong intervals, irregular bowel clearance etc. are enough to cause hormonal imbalance, accompanied by heightened level of toxic substances in our body and other anomalies.

Too much stress might stir up the adrenal glands to secret hormones in greater quantity. These hormones are generally required during stressful situations which are supposed to be occasional. But instead of being so, if they persist for longer duration or prolong abnormally to which our body is not accustomed, then an excessive adrenalin secretion is quite likely to happen.

This in turn intensifies the secretion of sebum.

The impact of stress and lifestyle could also be equally aversive for the natural quick healing process of our body. Or in other words, our body fails to treat the harmful or poisonous substances or bacterial growth in
some inflamed skin surface and thereby it becomes vulnerable for pimple formation and proliferation.

As a result, the skin pores become an abundant breeding house of the harmful micro bacterial organisms which, coupled with excess sebum clogged inside the pores initiate the emergence of multiple eruptions.

Sleep will get rid of stress acne

The only important bodily process that will get rid of stress acne is regular sleep. Sleep is the spontaneous mechanism which is chiefly governed by our body clock. In today’s world, regulating our body clock in a fast and demanding corporate environment is hardly possible.

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Keeping one free from tension and anxiety generated by immense work pressure, responsibilities and associated problems, is rather unlikely. And if it is paired with untimely and unhealthy diet then the entire body becomes an open and unmanned gateway alluring innumerable ailments and those related with skin are very common. This is the reason why often it is found that students suffer from acne while facing exams or equivalent pressure.

Effect of corticotrophin (CRH) on acne

Studies on the impact of stress acne, have found that during stressful situations, human brain releases a hormone named as corticotrophin, also known as CRH. The sebaceous or oil glands of our skin trigger this CRH as well as CRH receptors.

If these receptors are combined with too much of CRH, they stimulate excessive secretion of sebum. And it is not an unknown fact that an excess sebum is the core reason of acne formation.

Studies have also found that excessive psychological pressure can switch the male hormones testosterone and androgen. These two hormones could be responsible for inducing the oil glands to produce extra sebum and make our skin susceptible to the generation of acne.

How to Eliminate Stress Acne?

This sounds very challenging, though not impossible if you have little perseverance and determination to achieve a sound body and glowing skin. Sleep is the best medicine which activates our natural body system to rejuvenate the damaged skin tissues and heal the inflamed parts and exfoliate the dead cells.

An uninterrupted sleep at least for eight hours a day is essential for good health and acne free skin.

However it is quite evident that a factor like stress and lifestyle won’t always be friendly enough to make you a space for maintaining a regulated sleep schedule. If you are workaholic or into some busy profession, or a student under the pressure of oncoming exam, then you can shift the schedule to any part of the day as per your convenience, an eight hour sleep is equally beneficial even if you could manage it during daytime instead of night.

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Stress Acne what does look like

Your profession might demand frequent roaming under the sun, or if you are deceived by the idea of taking prolonged sun bath to do away with acne then it is time to put an end to it now or never. Sometimes small amount of sunlight might be helpful for improving the acne inflamed skin, but an over exposure might backfire and worsen the condition with an excess production of sebum.

Try avoiding sunlight or at least use some renowned sunscreen cream or lotion to protect your skin from over exposure to sun.

Last but not the least is the stress reduction methods. If you are undergoing stress and lifestyle full of irregularities, then the best cure would be to practice some exercises exclusively designed for combating stress. Try to keep your mind free from anxiety and undue burden, regulate your diet with balanced food chart. Stay calm and spend some time with yourself just for pure relaxation and nothing else. If you succeed, a good health and a good skin would be just a few steps away.

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