Some Widely Held Acne Fact or Fictions

The most frequent skin disorder, acne, is surrounded by numerous myths. Fact or Fiction? Most of the acne sufferers often stumble over several unanswered questions which make them confused while taking any step to cure these unsightly blemishes.

With the advancement of medical science we could ascertain most of the core reasons behind acne formation. Let us discuss about some popular acne myths.

1. Wrong Diet Causes Acne – Fact or Fiction?

For years we are sustaining this misbelieve among us. If you take oily foods or junk victuals it is not going to affect you any way in triggering acne. There is no proof or scientific evidence in support of the myth that chocolate or fried food items have direct influence over the aggravation of your existing acne lesions.

Nevertheless, a bad diet could be always harmful for your health in the long run, and as far as acne is concerned, bad food could lead to indigestion and assimilation of wrong constituents which might increase the amount of toxic wastes in our blood level, thereby influencing our immune system to trigger acne pimples in an indirect manner.

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2. Lack of Hygiene Might Cause Acne – Fact or Fiction?

Unclean skin never causes acne. This skin disorder is mainly caused due to the accumulation of excess sebum or body oil and piles of dead skin cells inside skin pores or hair follicles, which leads to swelling of the hair follicles. And if these blocked skin pores are invaded by acne causing bacteria, then they might turn into inflamed lesions. Therefore dirt particles over the skin do not play any role in acne formation. All the more over washing could invariably exacerbate acne.

3. Tanning Could Clear Up Acne – Fact or Fiction?

It is believed that tanning might temporarily mask acne lesions, but your skin might get dry and irritated under the sun, which in turn gives rise to huge acne breakouts. There is no scientific evidence which might link between the sun radiation and acne prevention.

Besides, over exposure to sun might cause premature age and skin cancer. For acne sufferers it is extremely important that they use proper sun screen lotion to protect their skin from the scorching ray.

4. Popping Pimples Helps To Get Rid of Acne – Fact or Fiction?

Many people wrongly believe that squeezing acne zits could remove the symptoms root and branch.

Fact or Fiction about acne

But the fact is that if you scrouge acne pimples it might help to push the acne causing Propionibacterium acnes bacteria to infiltrate further into the dermal layer, thereby creating more grave acne lesions, inflammation, and redness.

Sometimes this might create stubborn marks on your skin. Therefore it is preferable to stay away from squeezing acne pimples.

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5. Sexual Activity Causes Acne?

Many orthodox and ignorant people blame sexual activities as one of the reasons for acne formation. But, truly speaking any kind of sexual activity ranging from masturbation to promiscuousness has nothing to do with acne flare ups. Acne is the outcome of sudden surge of male hormonal level which has nothing to do with one’s sexual activity.

6. You Cannot Do Anything About Acne – Fact or Fiction?

There is no ground for this common myth. Acne treatment has come of age and nowadays we have plenty of treatment procedures available for every type of acne symptoms. A proper regimen and your diligent endeavor would be sufficient to beat this traumatic skin disorder.

7. Acne Could Be An Outcome Of Stress?

Everyone of us often come across ordinary stress situations in our everyday life which is not that influential to cause over production of male hormones in our body triggering hormonal imbalance and subsequent acne breakouts. More over a few medications used for dealing severe stress situations could influence acne formation which you should sort out by consulting your doctor.

8. Acne Affects Only Adolescents – Fact or Fiction?

It is another myth about acne. It is true that at the onset of pubertal stage acne pimples emerge out of the blue. But many people often endure their sporadic struggle against this skin disease at their thirties and forties. As per statistics, almost 50% of the total adult women and 10% of total adult men get affected by this disease and often adult acne tends to shape severe form which needs extensive medication to heal up.

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It is always advisable that instead of confusing yourself with different opinions and myths about acne collected from here and there, see one good professional dermatologist to clear your doubts and to avail proper suggestions to get rid of this disease.

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