Role of Vitamins in Acne Prevention

Skin is the largest organ in human body and just like any other organ it also necessitates proper quantity of nutritious and essential components to stay healthy and function appropriately. Unfortunately due to our improper diets most of us lack vitamins which are essential for our normal growth and physiological activity.

Vitamins play an important role in preventing keeping our skin glowing and acne free. Many vitamins, which are particularly useful for acne prevention, are strong auto-oxidants and radical scavengers. These swill down toxic wastes and free radicals underside our skin and facilitate to keep our skin fresh, smooth, and hair follicles open and free from Propionibacterium acnes bacteria.

A balanced diet constituting the following vitamins in appropriate proportions could be a key factor for your acne prevention technique.

Vitamin A

a) Chemical name of this vitamin is retinol.

b) Reinforces the cutaneous tissues and minimizes the oozing of sebum, thereby preventing acne flare up.

c) It is an indispensable factor for maintaining and renovating damaged tissues of outer and inner surface of our skin.

d) Vitamin A acts as an anti-oxidant and works to rid toxic excretions of our body.

e) Retinoids, derivatives of vitamin A, are one of the most popular medications used for acne prevention.

f) Good sources of vitamin A are cheese, eggs, mackerel, yogurt, and poultry liver.

g) Right dosage for fighting against acne would be 10,000 IU.

h) Over dose of vitamin might result in side effects like dryness, redness, irritation, blistering, and flaking.

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i) If you are pregnant it is not advisable to take vitamin A supplements.

Vitamin B1

a) Chemical name of this vitamin is Thiamin. I

b) It helps us in digestion and further metabolism. Vitamin B1 helps in proper absorption of other essential nutrients in our body, thereby helps to i maintain a healthy body and skin.

c) It also augments the blood circulation and energy out put throughout our body system. Enhanced blood circulation would help our skin fight against bacteria.

d) As a powerful anti-oxidant thiamin assists our immune system to flush out toxic wastes.

e) Vitamin B1 could be found in garlic, cauliflower, parsley, orange, kale, pineapple, and tangerine.

f) Suggested dose for acne sufferers would be 100 mg thrice daily.

Vitamin B2

a) Chemical name of this vitamin is riboflavin.

b) This vitamin helps to maintain a healthy flawless skin.

c) Riboflavin is effective in sustaining a healthy digestive tract, which in turn helps our digestive system to absorb useful nutrients and discard toxic substances.

d) Nutritional sources for vitamin B2 are green leafy vegetables, nuts, cheese, whole grains, yogurt, egg, milk, and lean meat.

e) A dose of 100 mg three times a day would be perfect as an acne prevention measure.

Vitamin B3

a) Chemical name of this vitamin is niacinamide or niacin.

b) Vitamin B3 helps in necessary energy production in our body which assists fighting acne and other ailment causing bacteria.

c) Niacin helps the synthesis of essential fatty acids which are the building blocks of our skin cell membrane.

d) Food sources of viatamin B3 are asparagus, crimini mushrooms, tuna, salmon, halibut, chicken breast, and venison.

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e) To fight against acne a dose of 200 mg three times per day would be perfect.

Vitamin B5

a) Chemical name of this vitamin is pantothenic acid.

b) Vitamin B5 plays a vital role in thwarting hormonal imbalance and corresponding acne breakouts.

c) This helps in relieving stress level, thus controls the excess sebum production in the sebaceous glands.

d) Vitamin B5 in its coenzyme A form helps in the metabolism of body oil.

e) Dietary sources of vitamin B5 are mushroom, cauliflower, broccoli, and sunflower seeds.

f) For acne prevention a dose of 100 mg thrice daily is recommended.

Vitamin B6

a) The chemical name of this vitamin is pyridoxine.

b) A deficiency of this vitamin weakens our immune system and causes deficiency in antibody production, which calls forth acne outbreaks.

c) Foods containing vitamin B6 are cereal, potato, oatmeal, spinach, and chicken breast.

d) A dose of 100 mg thrice daily would be preferable.

Vitamin C

a) The chemical name of this vitamin is ascorbic acid.

b) Vitamin C plays an important role in acne prevention. It is the most necessary “super vitamin” that helps in repairing damaged tissues and bestowing a perfect skin.

c) It acts as an anti-oxidant which helps in exfoliation and protects us from infection.

d) The sources of vitamin C are papaya, citrus fruits, tomato, etc.

e) A dose of 1,000 to 1,600 mg thrice daily would be perfect to fight against acne provided you do not have diabetes.

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