Right Acne Wash

Acne, one of most tormenting and common skin disorder, could be immensely distressing and sometimes pretty hard to find the suitable medication. In most of the cases people ignore the main aspect of acne treatment – proper acne wash of the face. Maintaining the hygiene of your skin through an appropriate way could be the key to put an end to the acne breakouts.

How to Wash Your Face?

Proper cleansing is a vital factor in maintaining a stunning skin in the pink. Following are a few tips for right acne wash:

best acne washa) Every night before going to bed wipe off every bit of cosmetics on your face. To avoid any scratch or damage to your skin it is advisable to use cotton balls or cotton pads together with some good quality cleanser that suits your skin type. Until the surface of the cotton pad becomes white your face is not clean.

b) For washing your face always rinse with lukewarm water. Hot or cold water could be harmful for acne prone skin as your skin might dry out leading to inflammation and irritation. Tepid water would open the clogged pores helping cleansing agents to penetrate inside and washing away entrapped waste substances.

c) Keep yourself away from strong and harsh soaps and cleansers. This kind of cleansing agents would dry out your skin thereby peeling off the essential lipid layer from the outer surface. This oily layer is crucial to keep our skin tender and smooth. Always look for mild and soap-free cleansers for acne wash which should carry the words “noncomedogenic” or “nonacnegenic” on their labels.

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d) While cleansing your face with a cleanser or mild soap massage your face using your finger tips. Mildly rotate your middle, ring, and pinky fingers upwards applying light pressure over the face. Never rub your face harshly in an attempt to clear off all dirt materials quickly. This might kick off more irritation and acne breakouts.

e) After applying the topical cleanser carefully rinse it off with water. A little portion of cleanser left behind could obdurate the pores leading to more acne lesions.

f) After acne wash never rub your skin with rough towel or any other abrasive cloth to wipe off the water.

Simply pat dry with some soft cotton towel.

g) After washing your face with a cleanser you have to balance the natural tone of your skin with a good quality astringent or toner. An ideal toner for acne prone skin would be mild and alcohol-free. Toners with glycolic acid and alpha hydroxyl acid as active ingredients would give the best output in your acne wash endeavor.

h) Using a moisturizer after cleansing your face is the last and most essential step of your acne skin care regimen. Go for a mild and water based moisturizer. It would top up the necessary natural oil and moisture content on our skin which is necessary in keeping your skin soft and healthy. For dry skin pure vitamin E or Aloe vera extract would be perfect moisturizer.

How to Look for the Right Acne Wash?

More often than not acne sufferers get befuddled while purchasing over-the-counter topical medications for acne wash, as most of the people are unaware about what to look for. In most of the cases people fail to understand which face wash would be the best one to heal their acne blemishes. Here are some tips to find the right acne face wash for your skin type:

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a) Skin type and Acne wash

While you are looking for the right kind of acne face wash, your skin could be the ultimate determining factor. Your skin type should match with the chemical composition of the skin cleanser and other topical skin care products. A product well compatible with dry skin type might not be useful for oily skins. In this regard always take the suggestion from your dermatologist.

b) Acne condition

Considering your current acne severity you should settle on an acne wash brand with specific strength. For example, if you have mild acne it is unnecessary and even harmful as well to go for a strong cleanser, whereas the same medication could be useful if you have got a dreadful acne condition.

c) Ask your skin specialist

You might not realize the ins and outs of the chemical composition of acne wash products available over the counter. It should be your first preference to discuss with someone professional who would be expert in this field and might be able to explain you the intricate physiochemical relationships between the right cleansing product and your skin.

Undoubtedly acne wash is the key to get rid of your acne predicament. But, exempt yourself from over washing. A few months unswerving strive would certainly help you to pull round an acne-free flawless skin.

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