Pregnancy Acne – A Usual Phenomenon

Most often expecting women are driven crazy by the sudden appearance of acne on their spotless face. However, pregnancy and acne are so intertwined since it is that period when women are subjected to massive hormonal changes. As a natural consequence of the rise in hormonal production, the oil glands get over energized to secret excess sebum or body oil which inevitably results in acne. Therefore, once again after teenage, a fresh invasion of acne might plague even an adult skin.

Pregnancy medicine for acne

A wide variety of medicines are available in the market both as oral medicines and in topical form. However, since it is about the vulnerable stage of pregnancy acne, no self help procedure is suggestible. A proper consultation with an experienced physician in this regard is a must since some of these medicines disturb the hormonal balance, the impact of which might be severe for the unborn fetus.

Common drugs like Accutane, Retin – A, and Tetracycline are not applicable on pregnant women or women who are planning to conceive. These drugs are usually prescribed as common medicines for nonpregnant women suffering from acne. It has been found that medicines like Accutane, if consumed orally during pregnancy, might result into birth defects on the baby.

pregnancy acneTetracycline tablets are equally disastrous to ruin the normal growth of bones and teeth of the unborn fetus. Severe impairments can also happen from isotretinoins and retinoids. Some of these medicines are capable of entering the bloodstream and doing the harm internally. Pregnancy and acne deserve greater care than normal acne since a new unborn life could be at risk even if a minute mistake is committed.

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Doctors sometimes use some antibiotics and anti-infectives like Clindamycin or Erythromycin to cure acne. Erythromycin is relatively less harmful as compared to other medicines since it penetrates the placenta minimally and therefore leaves less impact than other medicines. However, irrespective of the extent of damage, these medicines should never be consumed without proper consultation with an experienced physician.

When it comes to topical medicines, the risk is a bit less than the orally prescribed medications. Nevertheless, the common and wide usage of benzoyl peroxide for normal acne treatment is not suggestible for pregnancy and acne as well. The dryness created by this chemical substance could be harsher on the dry skin of a pregnant woman, since dryness of skin is a common phenomenon during pregnancy.

It is found that herbal products like tree tea oil or natural blemish gel are capable of generating a better result. Frequent use of gentle cleansers to keep your face skin free of dead cell and extra oil is indispensable.

Natural remedies for pregnant women for acne

A few herbal products like bentonite clay could be used as a facial masque or during bath. Bentonite clay is nothing but volcanic ash, soluble to water. This natural substance, when dissolved with water, swells up and becomes highly porous, and if applied as a mask, it is able to absorb the toxins accumulated on skin surface. Tree tea oil is derived naturally from tree tea plant. This substance has an wide range of impact on acne remedy and prevention like it works as antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial agent at the same time.

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Apart from medication and cleansing activities, a close supervision on the diet and daily activities is also mandatory. Taking plenty of water is also another important factor for a pregnant woman since the risk of skin dryness is quite likely to happen during this phase. Water intake can eliminate the accumulation of unwanted toxic substances and waste matters, thereby keeping the skin soft, smooth and free from acne related risks.

Sufficient sleep, regular bowel clearance etc. are as important during pregnancy and acne as during normal state. Systematizing the body mechanism is the first and last thing about acne prevention.

Acne during pregnancy is a very natural phenomenon, the duration of which is limited within the pregnancy period. But the aftermath of pregnancy and acne, that is the scars, can last even after the baby is born and the acne is gone. Therefore, one must take care of acne scars with so much timely cure so that they don’t leave any permanent impact on the face. Prescribed or over-the-counter creams are commonly used to cure pigmentation and treatments like laser resurfacing or equivalent could be useful for women with deeper scars, depending on the graveness.

However, a professional help would be the best choice for a quick and easy removal of the scars.

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