Paving Your Way To An Acne Free Life

Acne is the name of that skin ailment which most people fear almost as a nightmare. And at some point of life, leaving no stone unturned in order to be acne free becomes the primary goal for its victims. Acne has no foolproof cure as yet – is perhaps the most disheartening fact for them.

However, a ray of hope still persists there which draws our attention to some preventive and medicinal guidelines which, if followed correctly, would surely prove to be successful in restraining those ugly nodules reappear over and over.

A Few Easy Protections from Acne

Acne is a persistent disease. Therefore the healing methods demand enough amounts of patience, perseverance, and rigorous and appropriate medication. And if the above conditions prevail then conquering acne is not as complicated as it is often thought.

• Washing your face on a regular basis is one of the most essential tasks one must incorporate into the daily schedule in order to achieve an acne free face. Washing should be limited optimally to twice a day using mild soap and warm water. It helps in getting rid of accumulated dead cells, and body oil and other malicious ingredients. Remember, too much washing might invite greater troubles. Mild cleansers, especially those which are designed for fighting acne would be beneficial too.

Cleansers provide a rather intense wash by entering deeper into the skin and wiping off the harmful contents.

• Washing face is not enough since the harmful substances may always get transmitted from a few other strong sources like your own hands and hair. Most of the residual dead cells and sebum which are the main suspect, rest on the hands and hair strands. It is so easy to transmit them to your clean face again with a simple touch. Similar threats are also expected from your unwashed pillowslip.

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An acne free look is therefore possible if you clean all these as well. Hands for instance should be cleaned as many times as possible and hairs should be washed with shampoo after every alternate day. Acne takes shape only if the skin pores are allowed to get clogged by dead skin cells and surplus body oil. Therefore it is an indispensable precautionary measure to keep your skin free from these unwanted substances always.

• Though not involved directly in snagging an acne free appearance, yet it is always wise to avoid junk and oily foods, it is even better if caffeine and alcoholic substances are added to this list. Medical professionals believe that such food ingredients and drinks are able to produce a raised level of toxic content in our blood. Also they are able to disrupt the digestive system and initiate irregular bowel movement, thereby indirectly inducing toxic matters. These toxic matters, due to normal body mechanism attempts to get released from the skin pores. And in doing so they affect the skin pores, heaving the possibility of acne flare up.

Acne Medication an Acne free

acne free face wash• A heightened level of androgen or male sex hormone present within human body regardless of any sexual category is often thought to be the chief culprit who works by stimulating the oil glands to secrete a greater amount of body oil or sebum. This is the reason why most of the preventive and medicinal approaches are targeted at controlling this oil level either externally in the form of topical medications or internally as oral medications directly or indirectly. And in most of the instances it has been observed that acne free skin is indeed achievable with this treatment approach.

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• A discussion on acne is incomplete without the mention of Benzoyl peroxide. This is a topical over-the-counter medication with immense potentials to fight and subdue antimicrobial growths as well as diminishing the acne comedones. Several other OTC products like salicylic acid, sulfur, and resorcinol have also gained enormous approval from acne victims.

• Due to the unique bond between acne and hormonal imbalance, women acne sufferers often use birth control pills as a very strong means of combating acne. However not all pills are equally effective in this purpose, nor is it applicable for all acne patients. Pregnant women, men and underage people, for example, are not encouraged to take such medicines for attaining acne free face.

• Prescription drugs have also shown their caliber in dealing with moderate to severe acne cases. Antibiotics, mild cortisones, and retinoids are the most important names to be mentioned in this regard. However the administration of these drugs depends entirely on the dermatologist.

• Acne medication has reached a milestone since the introduction of advanced surgical approaches like laser, chemical peeling, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, etc.

They not only have proved their excellence in terms of healing the problem in shortest time, but also in treating acne scars with equal efficiency.

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