Modern Acne Therapy: Treatment of Acne in a Better

In this twenty-first century all the modern skin care therapeutic centers and dermatologists are coming up with exciting and au courant acne treatment procedures to heal this tormenting skin disorder in a more effective way. These acne therapy have come of age with new technical approach which is developed after years of scientific exploration keeping the best effectivity of the treatment and optimum satisfaction of the patient in mind.

In this modern age quite a few well-known acne therapies are available which have rapidly become popular among acne sufferers. A few of them are blue light therapy, levulan photodynamic acne treatment, pulsed light and heat energy treatment, and laser therapy.

Blue Light Acne Therapy

For acne victims who do not respond to traditional topical or oral treatments, or who simply want to escape from those daily hassles of rigorous acne treatment regimen and complicated side effects, blue light therapy could be a windfall. This acne therapy is gentle, painless, non-invasive, and a quick reliever.

Blue light therapy has been approved by FDA a few years back. This treatment procedure uses a low intensity blue light source which is exposed to patient’s acne stricken part for around 15 minutes. This session is repeated twice a week and the whole treatment process could last for around 4 weeks and costs around $800.00.

It has been found that the blue part of light radiation is immensely useful in obliterating Propionibacterium acnes bacteria inside the inflamed swelled pores deep beneath the epidermis layer of our skin. This bacterium is mainly responsible for this agonizing skin disease. Destruction of P. acnes causes the alleviation of inflammation and eventual clearing up of acne pimples.

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The blue light acne therapy does not impose any side effects. It is non-invasive and painless. In recent years it has been found that a combination of red and blue light radiations might improve the whole therapeutic process tremendously.

The healing affect of red light enhances the pace of acne cure almost 200%. The most advantageous factor of this treatment method is that you can utilize this therapy at your home’s comfort.

Levulan Photodynamic Acne Treatment

light acne therapyThis acne therapy is a newly found acne treatment method which is equally efficient in healing new acne breakouts as well as older acne blotches. In this therapy a photosensitizing chemical, leuvulan, is applied over the acne affected area and afterwards it is sensitized with light radiation of a specific wavelength.

Approved by FDA, this therapy is a viable treatment procedure for all sorts of acne skin disorders. Owing to the absence of any side effects, photodynamic acne treatment method could be an excellent alternative for other oral medications for severe acne treatment, which oftentimes inflict a huge side effect among patients.

In this acne therapy a thin layer of the chemical levulan is applied all over the acne and left on for 20 to 30 minutes. Subsequently this layer is photosensitized with a specific wavelength of light radiation. Levulan targets the acne affected pores, bumps, papules, and pustules, and thereby alleviates the whole acne condition providing a fresh and healthy texture to our skin. A course of two to three treatments at two to three weeks interval is preferable.

This miraculous treatment does not have any side effects. You might experience redness and peeling effect after employing this therapy, but these are mild and curable. Patients undergoing this therapy should not go out at day time within next 24 hours following the therapy to avert exposure to sunlight.

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Pulsed Light and Heat Energy Treatment

This acne therapy is another improved and efficient form of acne light treatment. In this method a combined form of pulsed light and heat energy is employed to clear both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne conditions. FDA approved a combined system consisting pulses of green light and heat energy for acne treatment.

Pulsed light and heat energy therapy destroys P. acnes bacteria and reduces sebum secretion by dwindling sebaceous glands. A treatment course for two months could significantly clear up acne in a progressive way.

Laser Acne Therapy

This therapy is the first FDA approved drug-less acne treatment process which could significantly diminish the number of acne blemishes within a short course of time without inflicting any pain or side effects.

In this therapy the acne affected skin area is exposed to a source of laser beam, which penetrates through the skin layer and gets absorbed by the infected pores causing a heating affect and temporary shrinkage of sebaceous glands. This reduces the discharge of sebum. Laser treatment also prevents the growth of P. acnes by abolishing bacterial proliferation.

This therapy could successfully erase your acne scars by rejuvenating collagen formation in your skin. This painless non-invasive acne therapy could be fruitful for everyone irrespective of men and women of any age group.

With the advent of new methodologies based on advanced scientific and technological improvements, hopefully soon we would be ale say goodbye to this traumatic skin ailment.

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