Importance of Acne Remedy with natural substances

Acne is perhaps the most horrifying name for its victims. Walking the streets with a pizza face and grabbing unwanted attention could be a terrible experience for anyone. However, the cases are not so weird if one is suffering from mild acne. Acne remedy can be relatively less complicated if you have mild lesions. It is found that mild acne often responds well to natural or home remedies. Besides assured effectiveness, natural remedies, since ancient days, are gaining popularity day by day among acne sufferers due to the minimum nsk they bear, easy availability and inessentiality of consulting any medical practitioner.

Most of these medicines are topical in nature, though some are meant for oral consumption. In either case their effectiveness are foolproof in majority of the instances. Despite the fact that they are not yet medically proved or accepted, most of these herbal home remedies are found to be useful solutions for bacterial growth and inflammations. Apart from leaving direct impacts, these homemade solutions also contain immense potentials for abolishing some indirect factors behind acne formation like digestive problem, irregular bowel clearance, insufficiency of essential nutritional ingredients in our body etc.

A Few Instances of Homemade Acne Remedy

• Strawberry leaves have been found to be a significant source of acne treatment. It is recommended to use it in a poultice and apply on the affected area. This home treatment has gained fame since the ancient ages of the Egyptian civilization.

• Herbal tea is another important supply of nourishment to your skin. Regular habit of drinking herbal tea can be extremely useful in clearing the skin. 2 parts red clover, 2 parts dandelion root, 1 part echinacea root, 1 part alfalfa leaf, 1/2 part capsicum are the composition of herbal tea. These ingredients are crushed and stuffed into a capsule or tea bag.

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• Food habit plays a vital role in causing or preventing acne. You can use your food habit as another good means of acne remedy. If you already have a habit of eating junk foods then you must give up now. Take plenty of green vegetables, sea foods, fruits, etc. Foods that are ennched with fatty, oily or any dairy substance, meat, sugar, coffee, alcohol and the like should strictly be avoided.

• Some home remedies are followed as a rule of thumb since they are able to deliver awesome results in doing away with skin eruptions. One of such remedies includes the use of toothpaste (not gel). Rinse your face with mild and warm soapy water, and apply a little amount on the lesions. Overnight it is going show a magical outcome by reducing the bulges to a considerable extent.

• Neem is the name of one more natural extract which is widely known for its antibacterial contributions on skin. Though this ingredient is available in several herbal products in the market, many people prefer to mash the leaves and apply it on skin surface much like a face mask, leave for a few m -utes or at least half an t’-e- wash the face w th lukewarm water.

• Just like neem, fenugreek seeds are also applied in the same way all over the paste before going to bed, and washed off after 10 or 15 minutes. It is an invaluable home acne remedy for preventing the growth of pimples.

• Rose water and lemon juice are two more natural ingredients which are massively used by acne stricken people. You can mix them up together and apply on face for around thirty minutes for best result. A regular use of this homemade solution can uplift the condition of your skin within a few days.

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• Home made acne remedy is largely based on the used of homemade masks. Orange face masks have gained rapid and huge popularity among acne victims. The paste made out of crushed orange peels is quite effective in cleansing the extra body oil or sebum from the skin surface. Since accumulation of extra oil is one of the major factors playing behind acne formation, removing it would bring incredible outcome.

The success of any skin therapy is dependent on the associated habits of cleanliness, proper food and water intake, regular bowel clearance and sufficient sleep. Therefore, these matters must be taken care of along with the measures of acne remedy to achieve the goal of a smooth and healthy skin without blemishes.

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