How to Deal With Chin Acne in Women

As soon as you have reached adulthood you might think that you have come out of the grasp of acne skin disorder. Hold on! May be you are wrong! Unfortunately many women at their adulthood experience acne flare ups especially at the chin area. These are often mild acne lesions like blackheads, whiteheads, zits, etc. which are often bothersome if not taken care in proper time.

What causes chin acne

Throughout the world women folk are mostly affected by this troublesome skin disorder. As per statistics almost fifty percent of total adult women get affected by this disease irrespective of their race, color, and origin.

It is believed that mainly complicated hormonal activities are mainly responsible for acne eruptions in adult women.

At the onset of puberty and during premenstrual stage and pregnancy period women often face the scourge of hormonal chin acne due to the sudden surge of male hormone androgens in the serum level. These hormones influence oil producing sebaceous glands to exude excess body oil or sebum through hair follicles. Therefore surplus body oil instead of reaching the skin surface clogs up skin pores along with piles of dead skin cells, thereby swelling up the hair follicles and giving rise to acne breakouts.

The jammed body oil inside blocked pores prepares the perfect breeding ground for skin dwelling bacteria Propionibacterium acnes — the causal factor behind the acne lesions—and subsequently causes bacterial proliferation which turns the clogged pores into inflamed reddish acne lesions.

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Other than hormonal imbalance some external factors are also known to play role behind the formation of acne on chin.

If you wear apparels having chin strap it might trap the sweat and dirt particles causing clogging of pores and breeding of bacteria and you might end up with acne lesions in that area.

The First Step to Deal With Chin Acne

Occurrence of acne flare ups in the chin area could be treated in various ways. But, before going for any specific treatment procedure you need to identify your skin type. A professional dermatologist would certainly help you to know whether you have got oily, normal, dry, or a combination skin type. Other than this you also need to be concerned about your susceptibility to any sort of side effects due to any chemical combination used in the medication.

Topical Treatments Chin Acne

If you have got mild acne lesions at your chin area and not in any other body parts then popular tropical treatment methods alone could work like wonder for your chin acne. Following therapeutic methods would certainly help you to get yourself blemish free.

Benzoyl Peroxide

This wonderful chemical is readily available at your local pharmacy as a lotion, ointment, cleanser and cream. This topical remedy is very helpful in killing proliferating P. acnes bacteria. It also helps to clear clogged pores and reduce inflammation in them, thereby curing acne.

Sulfur and Resorcinol

These two chemicals are often found together in topical treatments for mild chin acne. Over-the-counter preparations containing these chemicals are frequently used to prevent acne formation by removing the piled up dead skin cells.

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Salicylic Acid

chin acne causeThis chemical works efficiently to reduce the number of blackheads and whiteheads in the chin area. Salicylic acid works as an excellent exfoliator to remove the dead skin layer and open clogged pores so that antimicrobial agents easily penetrate inside to destroy acne causing bacteria. This acid could be found in drug stores in the form of lotions, creams, cleansers, and treatment pads.

Wash your chin with a mild soap and lukewarm water twice a daily. To get the optimal result from the over-the-counter treatments for chin acne condition, you need to follow a proper regimen.

A good skin specialist would certainly help you out in this regard. In general acne sufferers use a suitable cleanser, followed by exfoliator and toner, and at the end one mild, oil-free, and suitable moisturizer as a complete regimen for removing mild acne lesions from the chin area and other body parts.

Isotretinoin and Birth Control Pills

If you have got severe acne lesions on your chin then it is advisable that you see a doctor for proper treatment. Medical practitioners often prefer isotretinoin — the synthetic derivative of vitamin A as treatment of choice. This unique oral drug works by putting an end to the bacterial proliferation, controlling the sebum secretion, and mitigating the inflammation, thereby helping to get hold of severe chin acne. But this medication is not recommendable for pregnant women and they must take proper contraceptive measure while taking this medication.

Certain birth control pills also help in reducing acne flare ups by reducing androgen production in female body and thereby preventing the likelihood of clogging up of the skin pores and subsequent acne formation.

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