How to Choose the Best Acne Products

Very few people are there who could spend their life without being bothered by the hideous visage of acne pimples. Fortunately in this modern age medical science has made radical improvements to provide us with numerous acne products which are not only effective in wiping out those lesions but also capable to thwart any further breakouts.

You can find countless topical and oral medications lined up at the shelves of your nearby medical store offering a range of treatment options. Without being confused not only must you have to decide whether a cream or gel based topical application would be the best for you but also would you ponder about the brands and regular or maximum strengths of different key components.

So before deciding about the best suitable acne product for your purpose you need to know a lot more about these things like how these products differ from each other, what are the active components to look for and last but not the least how you could achieve the optimum result out of these products.

Choose Medication That Targets Core Reasons

To pick the perfect acne product that suits your needs perfectly you have to understand the reasons behind acne formation more precisely. It has been ascertained that acne is an outcome of a combination of physiochemical activities in our body.

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We have oil producing sebaceous glands embedded deep under the epidermal layer of our skin. These are connected to the hair follicles through narrow pilosebaceous canals. Sebaceous glands produce sebum or body oil which reaches our skin surface through pilosebaceous units to keep our cutaneous layer soft and smooth. At the onset of our pubertal age and in female body during premenstrual and pregnancy periods the male hormonal level abruptly increases.

acne productsThis on the other hand induces sebaceous glands to secrete excess sebum. Surplus body oil along with piles of dead skin cells clog up the hair follicles turning them into tiny microcomedones. This oily environment is a perfect breeding ground for skin dwelling bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, which is also known to be responsible for acne formation in human body. P. acnes immediately invade the blocked skin pores and proliferate there to cause irritation. Eventually infected and swelled hair follicular walls get ruptured to spill the accumulated rusty oily substance into adjacent tissue creating inflammation and different types of acne lesions.

Acne products work in numerous ways to extirpate acne lesions. The active ingredients present in any acne medication mainly target different causal factors of this skin disease which in turn help to mitigate the overall skin disease. Some common active ingredients used in topical acne medications are as follows:

1) Benzoyl peroxide

This wonderful chemical is known to be the most effective topical medication for treating inflammatory acne lesions. It could be availed from any drug store either in its generic form or as an active ingredient of some topical preparations like creams, gels, lotions, cleansers, etc. Benzoyl peroxide is available in strengths from 2.5 to 10%. This chemical effectively kills P. acnes bacteria, thereby alleviating the inflammation.

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It might impose some side effects like dryness, flaking, and redness of the skin.

2) Salicylic acid as acne products

This popular ingredient of several acne products works as an excellent exfoliator. This chemical helps to open up the blocked pores and clear out all malicious substances from the acne lesions. This paves the way for antimicrobial agents to easily penetrate inside to kill the responsible bacteria and eventually heal the lesions. Salicylic acid is available as numerous over-the-counter products including creams, gels, lotions, and cleansers in 0.5 to 2% strength. It might show some mild side effects like tingling sensation or irritation.

3) Sulfur and resorcinol

This duo is often used as an effective combination to peel off dead skin cells and thereby opening up the clogged skin pores. Acne products containing these chemicals are often found useful in removing excess oil from the skin surface as well as breaking down whiteheads and blackheads. These might cause redness and peeling as side effects.

How To Use Acne Products For The Best Result

As you have got the knowledge about the efficacy and mode of action of each of the key ingredients you should be able to select the product that you feel best suits your needs. But it is not an easy job. There are several other factors including your skin type, your food habits, and numerous complicated risk factors related to array of medications which need to be taken into account.

And these you might not be able to decide alone unless you consult a professional dermatologist who would be able to guide you to select the perfect acne product considering all of the associated hazardous factors. Depending on your acne condition the doctor might prescribe one or more drugs and some topical medications alongside.

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No matter what, if you follow the right acne medication regularly in a proper way certainly you would be able to restore your healthy skin by eradicating ugly acne blemishes completely.

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