Handling People Embarrassed by Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris which we mostly know as common acne can turn out to be a solemn threat associated with multidimensional psychosocial impairment. Since the majority of acne victims are adolescents and young adults, they tend to get even more embarrassed by acne than adults.

Why Teens are More Vulnerable?

Teenage or adolescence is the convergence of childhood and adulthood. In this period the mental growth is still incomplete and the maturity level is yet unattained. Also it is that period of life where people stress on beauty and external appearance more than anything else.

Acceptance in peer group becomes an important aspect; socializing with people outside family is a common tendency of the developing young adult. In this scenario, if a serious damage in the overall appearance comes in between then it might result in a substantial source of embarrassment.

The consequence of this event is not as simple or easy as it sounds since it could exert a massive injury to the person’s self-confidence by heightening the level of frustration to an extreme degree.

Nevertheless, this adverse impact of acne vulgaris is not atypical to teens and young adults. Matured adults and pregnant women who often get stricken by acne are also victimized in the same way when embarrassed by acne vulgaris.

Possible Psychological Impacts

Lack of confidence: Loosing confidence is the immediate outcome of this mental stigma. A fear of failure in every aspect of life due to an ugly appearance is apprehended at every stage and becomes an obstacle in one’s way to progress. Gradually this apprehension takes the shape of a firm belief.

  • Shame: A victim, embarrassed by acne, also feels ashamed of the repulsive appearance and subsequently develops a feeling of shyness due to which one prefers to be alone instead of discussing the problem with anyone, not even a physician. This is why their acne problems remain untreated and the reactions are often misinterpreted.
  • Depression and isolation: Depression and isolation is the inevitable consequence of absence of self-confidence and heightened feeling of shame. Frustration, losing hope in everything, and prioritizing isolation pushes one into depression. Due to absence of communication, others often do not understand the state of mind they might be going through.
  • Suicidal tendency: Although it is an exception, but suicidal attempts had been observed among patients of prolonged depression who had been embarrassed by acne for a considerable time. Even though rare in nature, the threat of ending one’s own life out of sheer hopelessness prevails there and adequate measures need to be taken in order to prevent such extreme circumstances.
  • Antisocial activities: Depression is not always the only outcome; things might even take a different turn sometimes. An inclination to get acquainted with antisocial and immoral acts is also observed among young people who think that in absence of attractive look, this is the only way to draw attention. Prefer to commingle with their likes and take part in various antisocial and even illegal acts.
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Psychological Assistance acne vulgaris

The detrimental impact of the trauma inflicted into the mind of an acne patient could be abolished to a greater extent only by proper psychological assistance. This does not mean that the entire responsibility rests only on the psychiatrist.

Parents and other family members, and even those with whom the patient shares a close relation should be aware of the entire matter and handle this vulnerable situation with proper care and caution.

acne vulgaris treatmentsIf a person is embarrassed by acne, he or she should never be left alone with their illogical fear, and frustrating thoughts. Parents of teen or adolescent acne victims must always be informed of what is cooking in their minds.

Any sort of underestimation about their problem expressed in the behavior of parents or other concerned persons might lead them feel deserted and misinterpreted. It is not so easy to rationalize things to an adolescent as compared with an adult person.

Still, attempts must be taken so that they start believing in the importance of matters other than outward appearance. Get help of professional psychological assistance if you feel that things are going out of hand.

Besides, they also must be convinced about the trustworthiness of new advancements in medical science so that they could break the barrier of shyness and approach for proper dermatological advice and treatment. Ridicule or harsh comments on their abnormal behavior or unpleasant look might invite greater danger, therefore have patience while dealing with them and try to control such reactions.

People embarrassed by acne must learn to take it easy. Acne vulgaris is a very common skin disease and in spite of the fact that there is no permanent cure as yet, it is could be successfully controlled and medically prevented; even the scars could be fixed with innumerable modern medicinal and surgical options within one’s reach.

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