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Acne is a common skin disease which often shows up with minute pointed elevations, filled with white matter (whiteheads) or clogged by black substance (blackheads). These tiny pimples might turn into severe cystic acne if scrouged or left untreated for a long time. Oftentimes finding a suitable acne solution could be rough sledding for most of the acne victims. In most of the cases these bewildering acne treatment methods end up with more aggravated acne situation. To avert any such situation you should go for easy home remedial acne treatments and OTC products. These home made therapies and gels and creams are not only harmless for your skin but also immensely helpful for cleanng up your skin from unsightly acne lesions.

a) It is extremely important to keep your face dirt and oil free. Piled up dirt and greasy substances prepare the breeding ground for acne causing bacteria. Wash your skin twice daily with lukewarm water and gentle soap or suitable oil-free cleanser containing salicylic acid. Before cleansing you might steam your face in order to open up pores. This would help the cleansing agent to root out all dirt particles and excess oil from your skin.

b) After proper washing, dab a little amount of “cold-pressed” extra-virgin olive oil over the affected area and keep it for a long time so that your skin could soak up the oil. A regular use of olive oil on thrice a day basis would drive out your acne pimples within a week or two.

c) Using the paste of uncooked oats could be a perfect acne solution for your skin. Grind one third cup of uncooked oat and make a paste out of it using little water. Apply the paste over the acne pimples and leave it until the whole mush dries up and starts peeling off. Clean up with tepid water.

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d) Put on cucumber juice with a pastry brush applicator to the acne spots. Keep it there for at least 15 minutes. Wash off with slightly warm water.

e) Apple cider vinegar could be another acne solution. It is completely natural and sans any side effects. It has become an established remedy for¬†obstinate acne conditions. This is extracted from apple pulp and highly recommended as a detoxifying agent. Apples are smashed to pulp and the juice is extracted from the pulp. The collected juice undergoes “acetic acid fermentation” which thereby yields apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar could be used as topical application as well as oral medicine. For external usage this extract is mixed up with aspirin toner and water which is dabbed all over the affected area. This helps natural desquamation of dead skin cells. The topical treatment would give the best output if combined with oral medication of apple cider vinegar. Due to its hornble taste some people find it quite difficult to use this acne solution orally. It is advisable to drink ACV once in the morning along with water or some other drinks such as green tea or honey.

f) Try with the most popular OTC product benzoyl peroxide. It not only roots out acne causing Propionibacterium acnes bactena, but also exfoliates dead skin cells to make your skin free of comedones. It is widely used as gel, cream, or lotion. You should not abstain from using this medication after achieving your desired skin. Otherwise acne blemishes might grow up again all over the skin. This acne solution might result in some simple side effects which include skin dryness, irritation, and discoloration of hair and clothing.

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g) Another OTC medication which might be immensely effective for non-inflammatory acne lesions is salicylic acid. A combination of this medication with topical antimicrobial agents would work wonder to undog the pores, driving out the jammed waste substance from the hair follicle, paving the way for bactencides to kill accumulated bacteria.

h) Sulfur could be your acne solution if you are looking for a mild medication for your dry skin. Sulfur is available over the counter as cream, gel, or lotion. Creams are quite effective as well as they act as mild moisturizer which is helpful to soothe dry skin. On the other hand gels and lotions tend to dry out the skin and preferable for oily skin. Sulfur along with salicylic acid help to break down non-inflammatory comedones and sweep away acne blemishes. The whole treatment procedure takes about one to two months before any change could be noticeable.

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