Essential Acne Skin Care Techniques

The million dollar secret prowl behind a healthy glowing skin is nothing but a well balanced combination of a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, some exercise, drinking plenty of water, a positive outlook, a tranquil mindset, and last but not the least an appropriate acne skin care practice.

Nowadays we are much more concerned about our external appearance and personality, and a skin in the pink imparts a great portion toward the way we look. All the more, if you have an acne face then you have to be more careful about skin care. Here you would find a proper and simple recipe of skin care techniques to fend off acne blemishes.

Before you start your acne skin care it is of extreme importance to get acquainted with your own skin type. If you are not sure whether it is oily, dry, normal, sensitive, combination, or sunburn, take the suggestion of some skin specialist in this regard.

Your skin care procedure entirely depends on what type of skin you have got. If you have already figured out the nature of your skin, then you could follow a handful of easy skin care techniques to alleviate existing acne scenario or forefend any possibility of future acne show up.

Proper Cleansing as a good acne skin care procedure

Cleaning up your skin with a good cleanser is the stepping stone for a good acne skin care procedure. Cleansers are used to unclutter the skin from accumulated dirt particles throughout the day, oily and sticky substances, makeup, and sweat, which facilitates the topical acne treatments to perform more effectively. However, there is no such magical cleanser which is equally effective for any skin type. The choice greatly varies from person to person.

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Choosing the Appropriate Cleanser

acne skin care routineIf you have got a dry skin a mild synthetic detergent or hard-milled soap would be perfect for your acne skin care purpose. On the other hand, if your skin is oily type, formulated bar soap, soap gel products, or stronger cleansers would be beneficial for your skin.

It might be necessary to apply these products over your facial, back, or chest skin as they are oilier than the arm, leg, feet, and hand areas, where you could use more moisturizing cleanser. For normal skins synthetic detergent soap, liquid cleansers, or soap gels are always preferable. In case you have got a sensitive skin, it is advisable to stay away from medicated mechanical cleansers which contain preservatives and fragrant chemicals.

For acne sufferers numerous mild cleansers are available in the market that help to prevent irritation and aggravation of acne. While choosing an acne cleanser for daily acne skin care use, look for those products which are fragrance-free, nonoily, noncomedogenic, nonacnegenic, and gentle in nature.

Specially formulated cleansers and soaps containing sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid would be the best choice for fighting against acne blemishes.

How to Apply Your Cleanser

For an acne prone skin it is necessary to wash your skin once or twice a day with a cleanser. In the morning a splatter of lukewarm water (never use hot or cold water) on your face would remove the excess oil from your skin. Warm water would loosen the piled up dirt particles and choked pores; apply little bit of acne cleanser, rinse with tepid water. Some skin specialists prefer creamy cleansers which you need to efface with a cotton pad after applying all over the skin.

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Next Step is Exfoliation in acne skin care

Exfoliation is a vital part of the acne skin care practice. It helps to peel off dead skin cells which could be blocking the pores. Exfoliating agents include a range of mild scrubs, or medicated liquid, gel, or creams which mainly contain chemicals like salicylic acid in a low concentration or fine granules which act as gentle exfoliating agent. If you have acne prone skin, it is advisable to do the exfoliation twice a week, following usual washing of the skin with the cleanser.

Acne sufferers have a tendency to over do exfoliation to get the better result overnight. But, it triggers acne explosion. Exfoliating too much would irritate your skin which in turn would close the pores, thereby leading to more and more acne blemishes. Never rub too harshly and always avoid regular wash cloths for rubbing your skin. Simply pat dry your face after washing with your cleanser, instead of using a towel to rub your face.

Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturizer provides your skin the much needed extra wetness so as to thwart your skin from over-drying. Most of the cases acne cleansers and exfoliating agents dry our skin out. In such cases, moisturizer acts like a magic wand. But, the most significant point is what would be the right moisturizer for your skin. For an acne-prone complexion an oil-free moisturizer with a gel base or containing salicylic acid would undoubtedly be a great choice. Use your moisturizer every time you wash your face with a cleanser.

So, without wasting anymore time go ahead in your acne skin care mission and get your dream healthy and attractive skin.

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