Dealing Effectively With Acne Nodules

Acne is a very common skin disorder; hardly can you find anyone in the earth who had never fought this awful and devastating disease. But when it turns worse with several inflamed growths of acne nodules contributing to the final look of a pizza face, situation becomes somewhat unmanageable and unbearable at the same time. In addition to turning one’s life into hell, nodular acne also performs the job of adding fuel to the fire by introducing the risk of permanent scarring.

Only a sufferer knows the agony of moving and socializing with a dented face which often draws unwanted attention. Consulting an experienced skin professional is the one and only urgent step suggestible under such circumstances.

The Secret of Formation of Nodular Acne

Nodular acne or acne cyst is the severe form of acne vulgaris or common acne. It all begins with smaller bumps as a result of clogging of hair follicles, but grows larger and gets inflamed by the resident microorganisms known as Propionibacterium acnes.

Most of the time acne nodules are characterized by formation of pus inside the inflamed lumps which are often tender to touch with a red and swollen appearance. They bear a greater risk of permanent scarring if popped or picked and squeezed, or if left untreated.

The scars leave visible and deep dent-like marks on the skin surface, thereby causing serious damage to the entire skin surface. Therefore they need even more rigorous medical care and attention than milder forms of acne. It would be a good decision not to go for over-the-counter medications or experimenting with different skin-care products on these profoundly inflamed lesions.

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Instead, consult with your physician or an experienced dermatologist in order to get hold of the situation without harming your skin.

Effective treatments for acne nodules

Oral isotretinoin

how to treat acne nodulesUndoubtedly the critical forms of nodular acne respond well with prescribed medications since they need more intense care and greater medical intervention. Isotretinoin is the oral drug which has been unanimously accepted by most of the dermatologists as an effective and ideal solution for cystic nodules.

Accutane is another name of isotretinoin which is often prescribed by dermatologists for stubborn cases. Accutane or oral isotretinoin works by contracting the size of the oil gland in an attempt to lessen the amount of sebum secretion.

The basic advantage of Accutane is that it hardly fails. It is found that almost 90% of the patients enjoy a complete or almost complete clear skin after a prolonged administration of 15 to 20 weeks. At the same time it is also very effective in preventing acne generated scars.

However, in spite of so many advantages in combating acne nodules, like any other drugs, Accutane also bears a few side effects which had been marked as serious disadvantages of this medicine.

The most vital warning associated with this medicine is that it is not implicable on pregnant women or those who are planning for conceiving. Isotretinoin is a very strong drug which is able to generate irreparable birth defects in an unborn baby if administered on a pregnant patient.

Due to this reason a pregnancy test before administering isotretinoin has been made mandatory. Another serious side effect associated with this medication is psychological depression. Acute symptoms of depression and even suicidal tendencies have been observed in patients undergoing isotretinoin treatment.

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Though not very alarming in nature, but minor side effects like excessive dryness in the eyes, mouth, lips and other body parts have been observed. Instances of nose bleeding have also been reported. Rather serious impacts have been observed which affect the blood and liver function. This is why dermatologists often conduct blood tests before starting any dose of this medicine on a patient.


Steroids are also used by dermatologists as another effective medication for treating acne nodules and this method is relatively faster and less painful. This method is technically known as intralesional corticosteroid therapy where a shot of certain amount of cortisone in its dilute form is pushed inside each affected nodule which diminishes the inflammation and flattens the swelling.

Other oral medications of acne nodules

Among other oral medications, application of oral antibiotics like tetracycline, minocycline, doxycycline, and erythromycin are used extensively by physicians. Birth control pills also have gained immense popularity among women patients which work by generating a direct impact in the reduction of male hormonal level, thereby constraining the amount of oil discharged by the sebaceous glands.

One must know that all medications bear some side effects in one way or other. But if carefully administered by an experienced skin specialist then getting control over even severe acne nodules is not far from reach.

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