Clear Your Blemishes Now With Zeno Acne Treatment

Are you tired of using messy over-the-counter creams and lotions and memorizing all those complicated regimens and timings for taking medicines as your physician has prescribed? Are you wondering If there could be some alternatives which would be easier to use yet producing the same outstanding result? Then here you could get your right choice! Zeno acne treatment is that au courant method of acne cure which could efficiently turn your face acne-free without any hassles or meticulous treatment techniques.

Let’s See the Basic Causes of Acne

Acne is one of the most widely known skin disorder. Almost every single fellow in this world irrespective of gender, race, or color faces this irritating dermatosis at least once in his/her lifetime. Although it is still not clear why acne appear devoid of any notice or indication, however scientists have come up with some steady explanations which are found to be extremely fruitful in understanding and designing new effective treatment procedures for acne.

By and large four factors are responsible for acne eruptions:

1) Excessive secretion of body oil by sebaceous glands

2) Clogging up of tiny hair follicles with accumulated body oil and dead skin cells

3) Irritation in the infected hair follicles

4) Proliferation of Propionibacterium acnes bacteria inside blocked skin pores What is Zeno Acne Treatment?

Zeno is nothing but a small sized electronic device which could be used anywhere anytime without any hassles unlike traditional treatment regimens. This scientifically proved technique has got the approval from FDA and recently it is honored by Allure Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award. This handheld device has been clinically proven to make acne lesions disappear in a very short period.

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How to Use This Electronic Zeno Acne Device

zeno acne deviceThis portable acne buster is immensely user friendly. It has metal tip pad which is biocompatible to use for your acne treatment. This tiny metal tip is designed in such a way that you could be able to touch this onto your acne pimples one by one. Once you have brought this metallic pad in contact with your acne blemishes they start to flatten out and eventually you get an acne free healthy skin.

It is advised that you are supposed to use this acne treatment device on each pimple for around two and a half minutes. Everyday you need to repeat this method two to three times on each pimple. Each Zeno acne kit comes with a metal tip which is designed to deliver ninety treatments. After you have used this device ninety times, the tip pad is needed to be replaced with a new one.

This simple acne treatment tool should be used as soon as you have noticed your first acne pimple, so that you could clear it up immediately. Usually one treatment is enough for each pimple but the rate of improvement entirely depends on the initial acne condition of the patient.

How Zeno Acne Works

Zeno acne device is highly recommended for mild to moderate acne symptoms. This tool is intended to handle two main factors acting behind acne formation: the inflammation in the clogged pores and the breeding of malicious microorganisms in the accumulated body oil inside acne lesions.

Once the biocompatible metallic pad is held in touch with an acne lesion, the microchip placed inside the device automatically passes one heat dose through the tip into the pimple. The temperature might rise up to 120D F, which is controlled digitally by one internal set up. This controller set up is called proportional integral derivative controller (PID controller) chip.

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This chip controls the heat flow from the tip to the lesions by modulating the heat of the metallic pad continually to maintain the temperature within a preset range.

The most appreciable feature of Zeno acne is its adaptability with your unique skin quality. It is capable to synchronize its heat flow conforming to the heat absorption characteristics of acne lesions of individual users. Not only that, it also manages to adjust itself with the heat circulation properties of different skin types.

Immediately after you have applied the Zeno acne tool onto your acne it would send a heat shock to the P. acnes bacteria present inside the lesion. This heat dose stimulates the activation of heat-shock protein in the host cell of bacteria which finally kills the microorganism itself, thereby mitigating the inflammation in the acne lesion.


Zeno acne treatment is not only the easiest treatment option for acne sufferers, it could be purchased and used without the need of any prescription. The whole treatment process is painless, noninvasive, extremely fast curing, and free of side effects.

Nevertheless you might experience a temporary red patch at the applied area. In any case if you are feeling any sort of discomfort with this treatment please consult with the concerned physician immediately to solve your problem.

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