Clear Up Acne – Meeting A Challenge

Wherever you travel in this world, you would meet at least one person sick and tired of acne problems at every next door. They often leave no stone unturned in order how to clear up acne, but remain in vein. It happens due to lack of understanding and improper handling of this skin trouble.

Why Acne Flare Up?

The key factor behind acne formation is the male sex hormone androgen which is present in both male and female body. An enhanced amount of androgen activates and induces the amount of sebum secretion as well. And acne is the direct impact of augmented sebum of body oil which clogs up the skin pores in combination with dead skin cells, giving rise to comedones.

Presence of skin-dwelling bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes play a vital part in entering and proliferating within the affected skin pores, raising the probability of inflammation.

There might be several other sub-factors which play an important role in aggravating the above conditions. Anyone interested to clear up acne successfully must get aware of them. Wrong cleansing approach, insufficient water intake, indigestion, and irregular bowel clearance are some of these important factors which influence acne flare up.

This is how a small and apparently harmless pimple or zit takes the shape of a large painful and pus filled cystic acne.

Some of these lesions heal up easily at their earlier stage, whereas some really become a pain in the neck for the victims. Therefore the treatment procedures are also designed as per their degree of severity.

How to clear up acne: Preventive Measures

clear up acne• Preventive measure is not a difficult task, if followed with patience and perseverance, instead of picking of popping them, intensifying the risk of scarring. Washing your face twice a day with mild soap and warm water has proven to be a basic and effective way to clear up acne.

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• Using some exfoliating agent and cleanser would be another useful addition to the proper cleansing procedure. However, too much exfoliation is also not recommended especially for an oily skin since this might stimulate the oil glands.

• While selecting cosmetics and other skin care products, look for the terms like “noncomedogenic” or “nonacnegenic.” Always go for water-based products instead of oil-based.

• Although food habit hardly plays any direct role in acne formation; however, it is always wise to keep away from oily junk foods since they might disturb the normal digestive process and help inducing toxic matters in the blood. These toxic matters might have a great role to play behind acne outbreak. In order to wash off these toxic matters, it is also essential to have a regular bowel movement and plenty of water consumption.

• A few other external sources like your pillowslip or your own hands and hair are very potent storehouse of accumulated sebum and unwanted dead skin cells. Therefore a regular habit of washing them is also as mandatory as washing your face. Hands should be washed frequently, especially after coming back from a day-long work schedule or journey. Hair should be washed at least at every alternate day.

Grow a habit of not touch your face with your hands, nor allow your hair fall on your face in order to prevent transmitting the malicious substances to your facial skin.

Medicine and Other Remedial Approaches

• Acne medication, as mentioned earlier, depends to a large extent on the degree of complexity of acne one is bearing. Simpler over-the-counter medications like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or resorcinol are usually followed to clear up acne pimples if they are in mild form.

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They are available in its generic form or as lotions, creams, and in other forms which are applied topically on the affected area. The results might not show up overnight, even side effects are also possible to appear. However one is advised to ignore these and continue the medications with patience in order to experience the best outcome.

• Birth control pills, surprisingly, are found to be a proven way of significantly solving women’s acne problems. Combination pills (one kind of birth control pills) are usually taken in order to suppress the secretion of excessive secretion of androgen, thereby reducing the discharge of sebum or body oil and minimizing the risk of acne eruption.

• OTC medication is certainly not suggestible for moderate to severe cases. A physician’s guidance is a must in such cases where the acne is critically inflamed or persisting in spite of the preventive methods and primary OTC medications. Dermatologists generally imply antibiotics, retinoids and in some cases mild steroids or surgical methodologies in order to get rid of stubborn acne problems.

In certain cases surgical approaches like surgical incision, chemical peels, light therapy, laser treatment, dermabrasion, and microdermabrasion are followed how to clear up acne quickly and more effectively than anything else.

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