Best Way To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Let’s find out what is the best way to get rid of blackheads. No matter how severe or mild the case, acne is always a stubborn and recurring skin menace one could ever dream of. Blackheads, the apparently mild type of acne, are often found to bear this attribute of showing up here and there, almost all over the face. They are also known as open comedones and appear usually on oily skin. They look like small black spots or dents on the skin surface, often hard to touch and noninflammatory in nature.

How And Why Blackheads Show Up?

Why blackheads form? In order to find the answer we need to get clear about how acne is formed. The basic reason behind acne formation is excessive secretion of sebum or body oil by the sebaceous glands embedded deep within the skin surface.

how to get rid of blackheadsThese oil glands are attached with the hair follicles through which the discharged body oil travels up to the skin surface. The amount of oil secretion is governed to a large extent by androgens or the male hormones present within human body irrespective of gender.

When the sebaceous glands get stirred up by the oversecretion of androgen, they start releasing a greater amount of oil.

The dead skin cells around the hair follicle lining stick up with this surplus oil and form a cluster clogging the hair follicles, giving rise to comedonal formation.

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Typically in case of blackheads, these comedones are partially open and the accumulated plug inside the pore remains under air contact due to which they grow darker or almost black in color.

Factors Playing Behind the Outbreak

There are several factors which trigger up the formation of open comedones.

  • The chief responsible factor behind acne formation in most cases is hormonal imbalance. Male hormones or androgens are the instigator of excess oil production by the oil glands which in turn heightens the possibilities of comedonal formation as discussed above.
  • Inadequate cleansing habit might give rise to pimples or zits including blackheads. Accumulated dead cells or excess oil and cosmetics which remain unwashed on the skin surface, serve as the chief ingredients to form comedones.
  • Issues like junk food consumption, insufficient water intake, irregular bowel movement, lack of sleep, etc. might aggravate friendly conditions for any type of acne formation.

Preventive Measures to rid of blackheads

Blackheads are mild and noninflammatory in nature and therefore it is you who could take care of these small zits by following a few very simple precautionary steps.

Grow a habit of cleansing your face twice a day with warm water and mild soap. This would help removing the extra oil from your skin surface along with the accumulated dead skin cells.

Never pick or pop the zits, no matter how impulsive you feel to do so. If you really need to do it then perfectly disinfect your hands before touching the affected area or visit some skin expert. They often do the same job by using sterilized instruments specially designed to serve this purpose solely. Rid of blackheads is rather less risky than other moderate and severe type of acne. Still it is highly recommended not to go for self-extraction unless you have enough confidence in performing this job.

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Keep your hands clean. This is a very important and essential step since hands contain the highest concentration of unwanted and malicious ingredients, sebum and dead skin cells. Try to keep your hands off your face to avoid transmitting those substances to the face. For the same reason keep your clothes, pillow slip, and hair clean. Wash them regularly so as to rinse of the dirt, dead cells, and sebum which are often transferred from your body.

Take plenty of water, avoid junk and oily foods. Some dermatologists also stress on omitting caffeine and alcoholic beverages from one’s daily food chart since these ingredients are suspected to have a major role to play behind blackhead formation.

These days natural or home remedies for pimples and zits have won the hearts of many acne victims due to their simplicity and harmless yet effective outcome. For instance, using an almond or oatmeal face mask for better cleansing has proven to be very effective. Mix any of them with rose water to make a soft paste and rub all over the face, leave for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

Honey is another beneficial acne remedy. Apply sufficient amount with your fingertip on the affected areas and leave for 15 minutes, then wash with water or you can use pure lemon juice 2 to 3 times a day. A regular use for a few weeks would definitely show a visible change. Proper exfoliation of the skin is a very essential matter in rid of blackheads. Use some natural skin exfoliator for this purpose.

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