Beneficial Treatments for Body Acne

There is almost no single human body part where acne doesn’t leave its trace. Yet this much discussed skin ailment mostly draws our attention on facial acne, while acne on other body parts might exacerbate to even more severe, larger, and painful lesions. Body acne might appear and proliferate on several body parts including chest, back, neck, buttocks, and the rest.

Besides common hormonal and genetic causes, there are many external factors associated with the outbreak of acne on different parts of the body. Tight clothing, skin friction, and perspiration might be playing as major contributing issues to instigate the onset of acne on one’s body.

All these internal and external factors influence the build up of dead skin cells within the follicles followed by entrapping of the sebum inside the clogged pores, resulting into the subsequent formation of acne. Situation might worsen with an attack and development of bacterial growth which might give rise to even larger and painful inflammations. And under such circumstances, there is a fair chance of permanent scarring.

Treatment Procedures for Treating

Since the nature and construction of body skin deviates to a large extent from facial skin, their remedial issues and preventive measures also vary a lot. Skin care regimen and treatment measures might also vary depending on the diagnostic evaluation and symptoms of this acne type.

Prescribed medicines are commonly suggested for severe cases. Oral antibiotics like tetracycline or minocycline are found to be effective in some acute cases. And in few instances topical retinoid or Retin-A is also suggested by dermatologists. Yet other medicinal treatments are also suggested by skin care professionals exclusively for treating body acne, the administration of which depends on a few factors like severity and duration of the ailment, body weight, etc.

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However, extra caution and intensive case study is highly suggestible before administering these prescription drugs on any body acne victim.

Before starting any topical treatment or skin care regimen, it is essential to wash the affected areas with a salicylic acid based cleanser, and then wipe gently with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. While doing it, take maximum care in order to avoid any kind of friction or rubbing to avoid irritation on the inflamed lesions. Application of these over-the-counter medicines is suggested especially before going to bed. In addition to this, some suggest the use of glycolic acid as a good preventive measure to overcome the dryness often caused by benzoyl peroxide.

The following widely known regimen has been proved to be an effective skin care solution exclusively for healing as well as removing body acne:

• One tsp calendula oil

• One tsp almond oil

• Two tsp olive oil

• One drop of lavender oil

• One drop of tea tree oil

• One drop of chamomile oil

Blend them well and prepare the mixture to store in a tightly capped dark glass container. Apply it daily on the acne affected areas with gentle massage till the skin totally absorbs the content. After this massage session, apply a mixture of witch hazel and aloe vera to remove inflammation. Aloe vera is a good natural anti-inflammatory substance widely used and suggested by skin care experts all over the world.

A Few Essential Guidelines to get Relieve from Body Acne

A good suggestion for all body acne sufferers is to keep a few points in mind and try to follow them through a strict daily schedule.

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body acne treatment

Take regular shower, at least once a day or more, whenever you are back from an exhaustive physical activity and coated in heavy sweat. It is essential to keep your body clean out of accumulated perspiration or extra body oil and dead cells that might give rise to fresh acne or aggravate the existing ones.

Avoid carrying heavy baggage, backpacks, or whatever is liable to generate friction on your body skin; at least as long as you are under some rigorous treatment session. Tight and uncomfortable clothing or apparels made of coarse materials might generate similar frictions and result into skin irritation. They could even entrap the perspiration thereby boosting up the risk of body acne. Therefore it is wise to avoid such clothing as long as you are affected by acne breakouts on several parts of your body.

Sugar scrubs are most useful for exfoliating the dead skin cells out of your body. Exfoliation is an essential step for preventing dead skin accumulation inside the hair follicles.

Frequent washing of your hair and bed sheets, pillow covers, etc. is as important as any other precautionary measure. And by doing all these you would actually minimize the chance of transferring unwanted greasy substances, body oils, and dead cells from external source to your skin.

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