Back Acne and Its Treatment

Back is that area of human body which is most difficult to reach, and therefore the whole process of treatment becomes even more cumbersome if this portion is attacked by any kind of skin disorders like back acne. Besides, this often neglected part of our body generally remains unexposed and unnoticed. Perhaps this is the main reason why acne on back is a comparatively less discussed issue among people.

There is hardly any difference between back and body acne. People might get this skin disease at any stage between 10 to 40 and sometimes even after that. Back acne usually appears on the back and buttocks. It often flares up in the form of moderate to severe acne lesions like pustules, papules, cysts, and nodules, which are mostly inflammatory, painful, and form deep under the skin surface leading to filthy scars.

How does Back Acne Form?

There is no specific reason for back acne or “bacne” formation. As per the findings from several clinical studies the causal factors behind the breakouts of bacne are same as those for facial acne.

Hormonal cause: It is believed that the hormonal imbalance is the primal factor behind this skin disorder. The erratic behavior of male hormones at the onset of pubertal stage and premenstrual stage in case of women induces the sebaceous glands deep seated under epidermal skin layer to overflow body oil or sebum through the narrow channels of hair follicles.

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In presence of excess sebum the openings of skin surface become clogged which commingles with dead skin cells, and prepares the perfect breeding ground for Propionibacterium acnes bacteria.

Bacterial proliferation causes inflammation and rupture of the hair follicle walls which causes the spilling of the infected trapped substances into the adjacent tissues aggravating the whole acne condition. Thus initial mild acne microcomedones transforms into severe acne lesions.

Excess number of hair follicles: Another cause behind the frequent severity of back acne lesions might be the presence of countless hair follicles and excess sebaceous glands in this region compared to other parts of our body. Therefore the follicles are more likely to become clogged up with surplus body oil and dead skin cells, leading to more acne outbreaks.

Some Factors which are not Involved Directly

How to get rid of back acneA few other factors also take part in worsening back acne condition, even though these do not cause this ailment by themselves.

Hereditary traits: Normally this disease is not the genetic endowment derived from your parents. Still as the occurrence of acne at back is quite common you might find a many of your relatives who would have faced this skin condition. However it is believed that some extremely severe types of back acne conditions are to some extent related to heredity.

Diet: Although oily and junk food items might not trigger acne in your skin, nevertheless many skin specialists believe that these enhance the release of toxic wastes in our digestive system which indirectly influence our natural immune system to expel them in the form of acne blemishes.

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External irritants: Tight apparels might not be responsible for causing this traumatic skin disease; however, these are often liable to entrap accumulated perspiration after an exhaustive physical work. This leads to irritation of the skin and subsequently aggravates already existing back acne condition. Heavy luggage and backpacks are also found to affect the acne condition in the same way.

Effective Treatments

Acne in the hind portion of our body could be effectively cleared up by proper treatment process. In case of mild acne condition the following regimen would be quite fruitful:

Cleanse your back

Regularly wash your back with a mild alcohol free cleanser. It is not preferable to use traditional hard soaps which might dry up your skin, leading to more inflammatory rashes. You might find some suitable over-the-counter acne wash and cleanser at your nearby store.

Apply topical medications

A number of topical preparations are quite useful for healing back acne. You might use a 10% benzoyl peroxide solution which would help to kill P. acnes bacteria within acne blemishes. You might use an alpha hydroxyl lotion along with benzoyl peroxide to boost up the whole treatment process.

Proper clothing of Back Acne

Harsh clothing like woolens might exacerbate the acne conditions as they rub against your skin and existing acne lesions. Try to wear loose cotton dress materials which would let your perspiration evaporate out freely.

For the ailment of severe back acne condition you need to consult with a professional dermatologist who would be able to suggest you the right medication or physical therapy to clear up the blemishes root and branch.

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