Back Acne: A Tough Challenge

Back acne, also known as bacne, is another form of this embarrassing skin disorder which most often takes a more severe form than facial acne. To some extent the reasons behind the formation of acne on one’s back, are identical to those of face acne, but the existence of any single explicit cause is still obscure in both cases. Regardless of the associated stimulating factors, just as in acne on other body parts, bacne too is attributable to overactive oil glands. Due to the variance in skin type, the treatment and skin care regimen for back acne also differs from facial acne.

Bacne can show up in different forms like blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, pustules, or even rather severe and inflamed forms like large and painful cysts. Bacne is mostly typified by its exceptional tendency of getting cystic, thereby enhancing the risk of permanent scars to a large extent.

Treatment is not an easy task since these skin eruptions on the back are more stubborn in nature. Therefore, for any bacne victim, prevention would definitely be a better option than cure.

How It Differs from Other Acne Types

Acne formation in this region of human body is associated with a few unique contributing factors:

• Tight clothing might be one of them which influence the causal factors playing behind skin rashes on different body parts and back acne is not an exception either. Tight and uncomfortable clothing or harsh fibers are likely to entrap the perspiration on one’s body surface or lead to skin irritation. Situation might aggravate to an alarming stage if such apparels are worn in spite of already existing inflammations on one’s back.

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• Similar irritations might also arise due to continuous carrying of heavy backpacks or bags, particularly on those areas where the harsh straps rub against the skin. Evidences are common where people developed back acne out of this vigorous rubbing of their skin after carrying heavy luggage. The inflamed follicles on one’s back get irritated and exacerbated by this immense pressure, leading to further breakouts and even larger and painful cysts.

• Surprisingly, erratic eating habit, which is considered to be a major influential factor behind facial acne, doesn’t play any role behind bacne formation. Even though it is possible to experience skin eruptions on back and face at the same time where the facial acne has been caused by junk food intake, no conclusive evidence suggests any link between food habit and bacne.

How to Beat Back Acne

Skin on the back is relatively thicker than face. Also it contains a greater number of follicles which constantly keep discharging sebum or body oil—the key factor playing behind acne formation. Therefore, the nature and extent of skin care regimen are also more rigorous and time consuming when it comes to bacne.

Mild to moderate bacne can respond well with the available over-the-counter medicines; however, if it is worse and alarming, then visiting a skin professional is highly advisable.

back acne treatmentOf all OTC skin care products, benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) is mostly preferred and suggested as a strong measure for healing back acne. A few skin care experts suggest an addition of glycolic acid or salicylic acid for better and quicker remedy. This combination, however, is strictly a no-no for acne on the tender skin of face.

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Apart from OTC products and prescription drugs, it is also suggestible to follow a certain skin care regimen in order to prevent the growth and proliferation of this persistent skin disease on the back. One such measure is to be careful about your detergent which should not contain skin-irritant substance. Frequently wash your bed sheets and other clothes which accumulate dead cells and sebum whatever is discharged from our body. Also take extra care while washing them so that the detergent is fully drained out of the clothes. Otherwise, any residual remains of the chemicals contained in the detergents might cause serious troubles on acne infected skin surface, especially if one already has got back acne.

Taking shower at least once a day or after rigorous physical activities is also another necessary step to keep your back clean. According to some skin experts, it is wiser to stay away from soaps and use anti-bacterial cleansers instead. Before applying benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid or any other topical medicine, most often it is essential to wash the area using some mild cleanser and let it dry. Always apply the topical medications gently on the affected area, instead of rubbing it harshly all over the back. A mild moisturizer could be used if needed.

Since back has a relatively tougher skin, it can sustain the impact of rubbing and scrubbing. Use a sugar scrub, instead of salt scrub, in order to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation is one of the most useful preventive measures for back acne outbreak.

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