Acne Mask – An Inexpensive Alternative

If you have an unmanageable acne prone skin with stubborn and embarrassing skin blemishes, you surely need an extra care to provide additional nourishment and cleanliness to your over sensitive skin type. An acne mask would be invariably a matchless option for you to obtain the best cure. Several facial masks are available as over-the-counter products under numerous brand names.

Most of them are for providing skin nourishment and anti-inflammatory or antibacterial protection to different skin types. Yet, these days, people often opt for homemade facial masks for more precise and case oriented skin care procedure. Increased awareness about skin health and nourishment has instigated a tendency in people to avail the treatment exactly the way they want it to be. And a homemade mask has no substitute in this regard.

Why Acne Mask?

Products for acne remedy, including facial masks, constitute a wide range, out of which some are prescription drugs and yet some are available over the counter. Picking the right alternative out of them is really an intriguing challenge.

The question which becomes so obvious at this stage is why should one go for a mask instead of a gel or cream or any other products? A close overview on the advantages provided by these masks could be a proper guideline for an acne victim to know well about it before buying any product.

The most remarkable attribute of acne masks is that they provide more intense treatment deep within the skin pores. Most of them contain rejuvenating agents and antimicrobial properties. Above all, they are affordable, least complicated, and could be easily prepared at home too.

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Different types of Acne Mask

Countless herbs and natural extracts are compiled in different ratios to create different types of masks for varied skin types.

Milk of Magnesia

best acne maskMilk of magnesia or liquid magnesium is a natural derivative found in earth. It is much like clay, but unlike clay it is equipped with a stronger capability to absorb excess oil and therefore it is used by many people as a powerful acne mask.

Besides being effective, it is also advantageous in its simplicity of application. You just need one bottle of magnesia and apply it as a mask all over your face, leave for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wash with some cool washcloth.

That’s it! There is no need to prepare a complicated solution using other ingredients and then store and preserve it with some extra caution.

Clay Mask

The basic component of this clay mask is fuller’s earth. You can mix it with 1 tsp honey, water (depending on the amount of thickness you want), and a few drops of essential oil of your choice. Apply it all over your face and let it dry for 15 minutes. Then gently wipe with warm washcloth. Some people prefer using steaming wash cloth for better result.

Egg mask as Acne Mask

When it comes to preparing acne mask, your own kitchen can turn into a chemist’s laboratory with all available natural ingredients to quickly prepare a quality facial mask, exactly the way you want it. Among such ingredients, egg is an essential one which is already found to have a great impact on acne stricken skin. The white portion on the flipside of inner egg shell plays an important role as acne removing agent.

Just break the egg and apply this portion of egg on your face, leave for 30 minutes till it dries out, then rinse off with milk. The only problem with this mask is that it is too delicate to be preserved. You need to make a new egg mask every day.

Fruit Mask

Fruits are always enriched with all kinds of nourishing agents. They contain vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to maintain the soundness of one’s body mechanisms intact. Due to this reason many people prefer fruit masks for better acne remedy. Acne masks with fruits extracts as their basic constituents are available all over the market.

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However, it is also possible to prepare your own mask in your own way using fruits. Orange is one of the most popular and widely used fruit used as a chief ingredient in most of the fruit masks.

Apart from orange, many other fruits like, cucumber, apricot, avocado, etc. are also used as chief elements of facial masks. Above and beyond acne remedy, fruit masks also provide nourishments and revitalizations to one’s skin.

If you are looking for an effective yet affordable and more risk-free way of fighting acne, then acne mask would be the right choice for you than anything else.

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