Acne in Men Might Need Special Attention

As opposed to the fact that teenage boys tend to get affected by acne more than girls, adult men above 20 years are generally less at risk. This might be the reason why acne in men is relatively a less discussed topic everywhere. Surprisingly, men, when subjected to acne invasion, are more prone to suffer from permanent scarring than women.

Even among teenagers, boys tend to get more severe forms of acne than girls.

Cause of Acne in men

Hormones are found to be the major culprit working behind the formation of skin blemishes. Androgen or the male hormones which are present in both sexes are responsible for over stimulating the sebaceous glands to secrete a greater amount of body oil.

And this in turn helps in promoting a breeding ground of acne formation. It is fairly comprehensible that the presence of testosterone—a member of androgen family—would be greater in men than women. Probably this is the reason why acne in men is more severe in nature than women.

Steps to Prevent Acne in men

Basic precautionary measures

Basic precautionary measures which are recommended for overall acne patients are suggestible for men as well, like washing the face twice a day with some mild and warm soapy water, hygienic diet, sufficient water intake, habit of cleanliness, and the like.

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Acne in men is also closely related with proper shaving. Softer shaves are recommended which is possible by an initial washing of the face with mild soap and water prior to shaving. Specially manufactured shaving creams or lotions are also available for the purpose of softening the facial hair strands.

Never use blunt razors since they are likely to enhance the irritation in the already existing skin eruptions. While shaving, try to avoid areas that are infected by larger cysts. Try electric shaver instead if you really want a clean shave without harming the infected lesions.


adult acne in menKeep you hair clean and don’t let them fall on your face as much as possible, even more so if you have long hair.

Scalp is that portion of human skin where the concentration of hair follicles is higher than any other parts.

And more follicles mean more oil since it is the hair follicles within which the oil glands are embedded that keep secreting a considerable amount of sebum or body oil.

Where does this oil go then?

They rest on the hair strands and get transmitted easily on the facial skin if both are allowed to come in contact. This might generate acne in men.


Grow and nurture another habit of keeping your hands clean and keep off your face as much as possible. Remember that all sorts of malicious contents, sebum and bacterial microorganisms rest on your apparently clean hands more than any other body part. Wash you hands frequently throughout the day, especially after returning from work.

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Alcohol and menthol to Prevent Acne in men

Try to avoid creams, lotions or other skin products that contain alcohol or menthol since these agents are liable to irritate the sensitive skin. Certain after shave lotions and other cosmetics for men contain such ingredients which must be avoided strictly in order to prevent acne in men. Also avoid oil-based products so as to prevent an accumulation of extra oil on your face.

Leave them alone

Forget about picking, popping, or scrouging the pimples and zits, no matter how handy a way they appear to be. Such self-guided “acne surgery” might lead to dangerous and permanent acne scars.


Human skin, irrespective of gender, needs to be hydrated to a certain extent. If you naturally have a dry skin or got one due to some antiacne medication, you need to maintain the moisture content of your skin by using some good water-based moisturizer. Be careful while buying any moisturizer since oil-based products might give rise to more and more lesions.

Avail possible treatments Acne in men

You could try a few over-the-counter products like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid if your skin is not too sensitive or you are not suffering from severe acne. However, if you really want to get hold of the situation, it would be wise to consult an experienced dermatologist since it is already mentioned that acne in men is relatively more intense than women’s. You would possibly need some latest treatment techniques or medications as suggested by the concerned skin expert.

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Keep your cool and stay out of stress. Stress is the mental phenomenon that is responsible for generating dysfunction in normal physical activity which might even affect the digestive system and regular bowel movement. Consequently it results in toxic accumulation within our body including the skin pores which might generate acne.

Have sufficient sleep, practice meditation and yoga if possible, or follow some freehand exercise to keep your body and mind fit.

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