Acne Control Cleanser – A Few Easy Steps

Standing in front of the mirror with the infuriating sight of a few red protuberances on the face and your day starts off with frustration, pitying glance, annoying remarks, and unwanted advices. Isn’t that enough to push one into absolute depression? And won’t it be heartening if the chance of all these could be minimized following a few easy steps? It’s just a few simple and easy steps for Acne Control Cleanser and definitely no hush-hush beauty secrets!

As it is a widely known fact by now that acne is all about clogged skin pores getting infected by bacterial formation, the most sensible way to control it is to prevent this blocking. Here are a few steps to minimize the probability of acne:

1. Clean your skin twice a day with mild soap and warm water or some antiseptic wash. A variety of cleansers are available in the market which could be useful for this purpose. However, the cleanser must be gentle and nondrying. Specially designed cleansers for acne control are available too, which could be used for a better precaution if necessary. Take care of scarring that occurs chiefly due to popping or rupturing the inflamed lumps. Therefore, never rub, scrub or use any harsh cloth or equivalent for this cleansing purpose since they might worsen the condition.

Most people are persuaded by a wrong conception that a quick removal process is to pop them one after another and quite often, either out of impatience or misconception, they resort to this incorrect idea and finally invite worse sufferings.

2. Keeping your hair clean is another vital step for acne control. You might be wondering what the relation between acne and hair is. Our scalp is a huge storehouse of sebum or skin oil as this portion has millions and billions of hair follicles along with sebaceous glands. They keep secreting oil and thus the hair strands get coated with a thick layer of oil. If your hair is oily, it is definitely a risk therefore, since there is a broader chance of clogging of the skin pores with so much of excess oil.

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Besides, if you have long hair, it is always advisable to tie a knot especially during sleep so that the long oily hairs don’t cover your face skin, and transfer its oil on your face.

3. Changing pillowslip on every other day is an essential way of acne control cleanser. Apparently these issues might sound trivial and unimportant but a dirty pillowslip might play a key role behind aggravating the unstoppable generation of pimples and zits. The excess oil secreted from our face and hair is heavily deposited on the pillowslip throughout the night. This is sufficient to act as a dangerous threat of invading your fresh clean skin pores and block them up, paving the breeding ground of a new horde of acne on your face.

4. Take plenty of water, at least eight full glasses, throughout the day. Sounds troublesome? But a successful acne control is possible only if you do this favor to your skin, no matter how challenging it might appear at initial stage, if you make it a habit, you would be gifted with a desirable outcome. Water is the substance that washes out all unwanted waste materials from our body, preventing them to be deposited even inside our skin pores.

5. Acne is strongly related with makeup too. Try to keep away from makeup as long as it is possible. And when it is simply unavoidable, use water based products, instead of oil based for obvious reasons. Try to remove the makeup and cleanse well your skin as soon as possible since this is a significant acne control technique.

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Acne Control Cleanser - How do you use

6. Dermatologists often recommend multivitamin to acne victims. Multivitamin is essential nutrition for a good, healthy, and glowing skin. Sometimes malnourishment or any other deficiency within our body leads to the clogging of skin pores. Hence, multivitamin consumption could prevent many such possibilities.

7. Beta-carotene and chromium should be indispensably added to your diet. Beta-carotene, which contains vitamin A, is responsible for strengthening skin tissues, thereby preventing growth of acne.

8. Regular use of an exfoliating cleanser or facial masque containing fine granules of salicylic acid and/or sulfur would be extremely helpful for those plagued by acne. Salicylic acid helps as a peeling agent in removing the outer skin layer and opens up the clogged pores, while sulfur helps taking out surplus oil.

If strictly followed, the above methods are indisputably the best proven ways of acne control cleanser. But one must not forget that these are to be followed strictly and just about mechanically in order to get a dream spotless skin.

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