A Few Simple Footsteps Toward Acne Prevention

Have you just set your foot in adolescence? At the onset of your new journey are you worried at the possibility of the harrowing skin disorder acne? Then, why don’t you adopt some simple acne prevention techniques to nip the odds in the bud?

What is it?

This terrible skin disease can affect several aspects of your personal life by damaging your self-esteem through embarrassment and psychological isolation and depression. Severe acne cysts may rupture and cause disfigurement of the visible parts of your body. Ugly scars on your face would cause profound psychological impact on your mind, which could immensely affect your personal and social life. Why to welcome all those troubles in your life when a few proactive approaches towards the preventive measures for acne could be extremely beneficial for your skin?

Few acne prevention guidelines

Here are a few acne prevention guidelines which would greatly help you to keep the probability of acne formation at bay.

1. Skin care is extremely important in order to ward off acne pimples. Clean your face on a regular basis (at least two to three times in a day) to get rid of extra oil and accumulated dirt of the day. Gently wash your face with lukewarm water and a mild face wash, cleanser or soap with antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients. This would keep your skin healthy, fresh, and smooth. Never scour your face with a hard and harsh scrubbing brush or scrub pad. This could damage the hair follicles on the skin causing irritation and blockage of the pores, and thereby undermining your acne prevention effort.

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Use astringent only if you have got an oily skin.

cystic acne prevention

2. Is your hair oily in nature? If it is so, then it is really a matter of concern as oily hair might transfer greasy oil on to your face and other parts of your body. This might give rise to the probability of acne formation. Wash your hair every other day with a good quality nourishing shampoo that suits best your scalp and hair, to clean out sticky dirt particles and oil. Stand back from any oil based pomade or hair spray.

If you have long hair try to give a style which would pull them back and tie up. Or you might prefer a short hair cut which would keep your hair off your face, neck, and other parts. Make sure that you have moved your hair away from skin while you sleep so that acne pimples would not show up overnight.

3. Wash your pillowcase and face towels regularly. Unclean and oily pillow cases and face towels might contain infectious bacteria which when transferred on to our face might lead to originate acne blemishes.

4. Your hands might apparently seem to be clean! But are they really? Dirty hands might deflate your acne prevention mission. Keep your hands clean to prevent the transfer of dirt particles or oily substances to your skin when you touch or rest your hands on your face or other acne prone parts of your body.

5. If you already have a few newly formed pimples or zits on your skin you might be tempted to pop them. Never try to pinch, squeeze, or pick blackheads or other acne hickeys. You might end up with hideous scars on your face or body. If you have squeezed any pimple or zit, immediately apply some topical antibiotic or antiseptic cream to fend off infection.

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6. If you are involved in regular sports activities, wear light clothing. Tight clothing would create ample sweat in your body which would accumulate huge dirt on your skin. After every sporting session take shower and clean yourself thoroughly. If you use any cosmetics or skin-care products, always avoid oil based materials, rather use water based noncomedogenic and nonacnegenic items which would sooth your skin and won’t clog your skin pores with deposited greasy oily makeup.

7. Tackling mental stress situation could be a vital step toward acne prevention. Strain and anxiety triggers acne formation by inducing the excess secretion of sebum through hair follicles, which thereby clogs and plugs the pores causing acne lesions. Try your best to forefend any mental or emotional strain; talking to your family members, friends, or a specialist could help to handle your tension.

Take enough sleep and tailor-made healthy food items with appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals. Take regular exercise and get involved in social activities. This could help you to reduce mental stress and to enhance blood circulation and oxygen input throughout the skin surface, facilitating acne prevention.

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