A Few Facts about Acne Cleanser

Quite a lot of acne cleanser is available to get rid of the risk of roaming with acne stricken dented face and people all over the world resort to them randomly without building a proper concept of what their skins actually need. Undoubtedly a cleanser is the best way to wipe off the residual makeup, body oil, or dirt which accumulate on one’s skin throughout the day. And if they remain unwashed, these unwanted greasy substances might become potential enemy of one’s own skin; clog skin pores and thereby creating a friendly atmosphere for breeding acne.

Although the basic purpose of any cleanser is to cleanse the excess oil, dead cells and other harmful substances, and unclog the pores, one must know precisely what type of acne cleanser is suitable for his/her skin type and act accordingly, even more so because such cleansers are mostly medicated and contain different ingredients considering the target skin type. Otherwise, trying or applying anything on the skin at random to test the product’s effectiveness might result into a bitter consequence which no one would be ready to welcome!

However, the wide practice of keeping one’s skin clean is not always limited by the use of acne cleansers. Mild soaps are also sometimes suggested by skin experts to be used as alternatives of or along with other cleansers.

Bar soaps, on the contrary, have a high pH balance than what we generally have in our skin; this enables the probability of some kind of bacterial overgrowth in our skin. In addition, there remains a fair chance of clogging of skin pores due to excessive usage of bar cleansers as they contain some thickening ingredients which penetrate and seal the pores.

They also dry out the normal oil balance from our skin and thereby exciting the sebaceous glands to secrete more and more oil, which certainly is not a favorable condition for acne removal.

An overview of available acne cleanser types:

1. Mild cleanser

Mild cleansers are gentle and nondrying in nature. These products are highly suggestible if one’s skin is irritated or bears an advanced and aggravated stage of acne formation. Since they are nondrying in nature, they can be used for daily skin care if they are noncomedogenic and oil free as well. Therefore, before buying the product, always check for such details.

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2. Skin cleanser

best acne cleanserThe best way to select the right cleansing agent for your skin is to judge by your skin type. A wide range of cleansers for different skin types are available in the market, in order to buy which, it is essential to get acquainted with one’s skin type.

• Oily skin is typically distinguished by secretion of excessive oil from the skin pores which gives it a greasy look.

• Dry skin lacks the usual amount of oil secreted by the skin pores and therefore it looks desiccated than normal skin.

• Normal skin is perhaps that dream skin what everyone aspires for, but hardly anyone can achieve it unless he/she is gifted with it by birth. Equivalence in the balance of oil secretion is the basic trait of this skin type.

• Sensitive skin is a kind of skin which typically and easily reacts whenever it comes in contact with a particular chemical agent or so. Sometimes some people’s skins are too sensitive to fragrance and preservatives.

3. Acne cleanser

These cleansers also serve the purpose of removing the accumulated oil, bacteria, and dead cells deep within the skin pores as well as regulate the process of natural skin exfoliation. Some of these cleansers include antibacterial agents, salicylic acid, and/or benzoyl peroxide. Some of these topical acne cleansers are available over the counter and others are generally prescribed by the skin specialists.

However, using them too often could result into dryness which might badly affect an acne prone skin.

Apart from that, the percentage of the chemical ingredients like benzoyl peroxide used in the product could leave a considerable impact depending on the type of skin it is being applied. And this impact could be positive as well as negative if used without proper understanding of the pros and cons. Therefore, it is always suggestible to consult with a dermatologist than buying any product and applying them on one’s skin at random. The efficiency of these products could only be assessed from how successfully they serve their purpose.

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However, no matter how good it is, an acne cleanser alone is not enough to fight this stubborn and persistent skin disease. Besides customary cleansing, one must follow other preventive measures and the guidelines as well as medications (if any) suggested by the dermatologist to get the best output. Acne is neither a minor disease, nor a short-term ailment.

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