A Few Acne Tips for Blemished Skin

Acne – strangely a common skin ailment which is able to make the life of 85 percent of teenagers and young adults hell, apparently looks to be inescapable. So here are a few acne tip of how to deal with affected skin as well as keep normal skin protected from the invasion of acne. People resort to several painstaking methods, medically approved and nonapproved, to combat it, prevent it and cure it, but in vein. However, proper care is the best cure for any ailment and acne is not an exception either.

Internal and External causes of acne

There are both internal and external reasons behind the breakout and proliferation of acne. A little awareness and careful attention to your skin works well to help evade the external factors responsible for spreading the horrible bulges.

  1. Avoid touching your face as much as possible since face acne is the most irritating and embarrassing of all other acne types. Though,it sounds very cumbersome and impossible at times to control your hands from reaching your face. It happens as if almost without your knowledge, and when you become alert, your hands have already left a horde of bacteria and oil on your face skin. So follow the acne tip and try growing a habit of not touching your face for any reason.
  2. Don’t be tempted by the infuriating look of the pimples to crush them flat. Just remember it ends up just the other way round, you are actually doing a terrible mess with your skin by picking, popping of squeezing them. The risk of inflammations or permanent scars is actually heightened by such actions. Practicing patience is an integral part of acne remedy.
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acne tip

  1. Tie up your hairs so as to prevent them from touching your face just like your hands. Your hair is the home of oil and bacterial microorganisms. Therefore, a regular habit of washing and cleaning them is mandatory, because they might indirectly affect your skin if both are allowed to come in contact.
  2. Washing your own skin of course takes priority over everything else. It is mandatory to wash your face twice daily with warm water and gentle face wash. However, also remember that over washing might invite additional troubles. This is useful to prevent accumulation of oil and dead cells on your face. Similarly, there is related acne tip of washing your body as well to prevent body acne. Regular shower after work is mandatory to wash off the sweat, greasy oil and dead cells so that they may not entrap bacteria inside your skin pores.
  3. Whenever it is unavoidable to use cosmetics and makeup, do it with extreme care. Avoid any oil based product and wash them off as soon as possible. However, if the skin is badly affected, then it is advisable to stay away from makeup completely until and unless your skin condition stabilizes to some extent. Make up users must build up a habit of cleaning their make up applicator brushes regularly with soapy water and throw away worn out brushes.
  4. Wearing headbands, hats and skin tight clothes are extremely detrimental for acne affected skin.

Acne Tip from a dermatologist

Although handling acne internally is the domain of an experienced dermatologist, you could always follow certain acne tips for understanding your own skin and what type of medical approach you should take and to what extent.

  • Understand your skin type and decide what cosmetics are harmful for it. If you have oily skin, then oil based cosmetics are lethal for your skin. So avoid them always. While buying any cosmetic check for the label that reads “noncomedogenic” or “nonacnegenic,” which indicates that they won’t clog your skin pores with greasy substances.
  • Sometimes certain medications create extreme sensitivity to sunlight. Check for the warning labels before buying any prescribed product and act accordingly by avoiding sun tanning or using sun screen lotions or creams as per your dermatologist’s advice.
  • There are various myths and misconceptions about this skin disorder and many people are found to stick to a false notion that more medication leads to better cure. Often they are found to be running after self prescribed additional medication than what had been advised by the skin specialist. This may cause more harm than good in some other way. A good acne tip is to stay calm and trust your dermatologist.
  • Although food intake has no direct connection with acne breakout, improper and insufficient food intake might indirectly create some discrepancy which in turn might affect the body mechanism including a hormonal imbalance – the root cause of acne. For this reason, an intelligent understanding of what you are eating is essential.
  • Regular exercise to control stress and sufficient water intake to flush waste matters from your body are vital factors for preventing the onset of acne.

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