A Brief Outline of Very Common Skin Disorders

Skin is that organ of human body which encompasses the largest surface. But often we forget to recognize its existence with equivalent importance like other organs. Perhaps this is the reason why we fail to build up a solid know-how about the structure and function of skin and the identification of most common skin disorders.

Common Skin Disorders

Certain skin diseases are found to be very common among people of every corner of this world. A brief overview on some of them would be helpful in combating them with more efficiency.

Eczema – as one type of skin disease

Eczema is a very disturbing skin problem which often gives rise to embarrassments and other psychological reactions in the victims’ mind. This disease is usually identified by profound itching and irritation in the affected area, accompanied by redness and swelling. Eczema most often attacks babies although adults are not an exception either.

The best possible way to cope with this common skin disorder is to avoid the things that might generate it. It is not contagious, so no need to be afraid of touching anyone bearing the same disease.

Learn and try to stay away from eczema generating items like household cleansers, gasoline, aftershave lotions, soaps and detergents, a few types of solvents, etc.

If you are staying in some dry and cold environment then it might aggravate your eczema. Therefore take enough protection from dryness and cold. On the other hand, too hot and sweaty atmosphere might also give rise to similar aversive conditions. So be alert of that too.

Follow a few tips like wearing gloves while working with water and always go for cotton or cotton blend apparels.

If the situation still worsens then do visit a good dermatologist and follow the instructions about necessary medication.


This skin disorder is more common among teens and adults up to 35 years. The basic characteristic of this disease is think and red scale-like formation on the skin surface. Sometimes pus filled blisters might worsen the condition. It is commonly found on the skins of elbows and knees, however the appearance of these lesions are not restricted only to these two areas. They might appear and spread anywhere, even on the scalp.

Psoriasis is believed to be an outcome of a flawed immune system. T cells are one kind of white blood cells which are responsible for resisting and protecting our body from malicious virus and bacterial microorganisms. But in a patient with psoriasis, the immune system passes a wrong signal due to which the T cells start attacking the existing body cells thinking them to be foreign elements. And as a consequence of this, our natural bodily immune system starts producing more and more skin cells in the affected regions.

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The basic precautionary measure against this skin disorder is to use some good moisturizer to reduce dryness from the skin. Sun light sometimes heals this skin problem to some extent, but staying too long in the sun light might actually invite worse conditions. Although not contagious in nature, psoriasis is not a simple disease.

Therefore, visiting an experienced skin doctor is a must who might suggest some prescription topical medicines to be applied on the affected regions. However, in persistent cases an injection is often used for faster and successful cure.

Seborrheic Dermatitis as a common skin disorders

Seborrheic dermatitis is a very familiar skin disorder which we usually call as dandruffs. And it is not an unknown fact that dandruffs are nothing but unusual flaking of the skin, especially that of the scalp. However, it might happen in other portions of the body as well. The exact cause of this disease is still unknown. According to some dermatologists, this is an outcome of hormonal changes. This conclusion is drawn due to the disappearance of this disease during the onset of puberty and reappearance at the middle age. Still others believe that it is a result of one kind of fungus called Malassezia which are otherwise residential organisms of our skin, but whenever they proliferate, they tend to give rise to this skin disorder.

Treating seborrheic dermatitis is nothing but reducing dandruff which we often do by using antidandruff shampoos which often contain agents like salicylic acid, selenium sulfide, or zinc pyrithione. An ideal application for twice a week is helpful in removing the flakes successfully.

The acne treatments depend on the skin type of the people and the current stage of the skin disease along with factors like person age etc. The treatment for acne will vary based on the factor from one person to other depending on their type. The first step in the treatment is to identify the nature of the skin and the stage of the skin disease. From the above result one can identify the proper treatment method for the person. The identification of proper treatment steps is the main step in treating the acne. The main factor in identifying the treatment is to find the exact cause for the skin disease. The acne may be present due to the natural hormone changes that will trap the moisture and dust material in the skin layer leading to acne. In other cases the acne maybe present due to infection in the top layer of the skin. The treatment for the acne also depends on the location of the skin disease. The treatment carried out for the acne that occurs in the face will be different from those in the chest or other parts of the body.

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common skin disorders
common skin disorders

The treatment, once identified for the person type of the skin disease, will be effective only when there is proper support from the person itself in terms of proper hygiene, proper diet which contributes to the accuracy of the treatment. The person hygiene is an important factor in getting proper result through any kind of treatment. The concerned person must take proper care in maintaining the top layer of the skin, since the top layer is the most sensitive area in contacting with acne. The person must go for regular face wash and other steps to keep the skin as healthy and clean as possible. The next important step in the acne proactive treatment is the proper intake of diet which compliments the nature of the skin. The fat levels in the human body plays important role in treating the acne. The acne proactive treatment is similar to any other acne treatment with special attention on the pre study of the factors affecting the acne like hygiene and diets. The fat level in the body must be maintained at proper level. There is two kind of fat, one being positive and the other causes negative effect. The two types must be balanced in equal proportion for better skin texture.

There is enormous amount of product for treating the acne. But the effectiveness of the treatment carried using a particular product is less when compared to the total product count in the market. Most product fails in effective treatment. One of the treatment types for the acne available through medical prescription is the Accutance. Those people suffering from the acne with severe pain and those in the later stage of the common skin disorders are treated with Accutance. Since there is no effective external treatment for those suffering from severe acne, the treatment is to take pills internally to stop the functioning of the pores that leads to acne spots. The Accutance is taken internally and the method has high level of side effects in the body. The side effect includes change of skin type, dry lips, and cracks in the lip and other part in the face. Considering the number of side effects caused due to Accutance treatment, it is prescribed only for those suffering from severe acne type. Those treated with Accutance for any slight type of acne will face serious consequences in the skin. It may even aggravate the acne in the body.

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There is another type of the treatment called the Retin-a. The Retin-a is a type of acne treatment that can be carried out for any type of acne in the body. The above treatment can be carried for acne scars or the wrinkles or even the acne spots and the treatment is effective to remove the acne spots in their early stage. The above treatment can be applied to all the people irrespective of their age.

Other type of acne treatment includes therapy given to remove the acne completely from the body. Though the therapy cost much more than any normal treatment, it is effective in removing the acne spot completely to the root level. There is no chance of having the acne spots again in the treated area. There are therapies for acne treatment like laser therapy, photodynamic therapy etc. The laser therapy must be done frequently to eradicate the disease from the root level. The photodynamic therapy is much convenient than the laser therapy since the treatment is carried only once and effectively remove the common skin disorders. The laser therapy is said to be effective only when it is done in regular period like every week and also depend on the type of laser used.

Many researches are being done to find the effective treatment for the acne disease in all aspects. There are also treatment carried other than the involvement of the chemicals like treatment based on the natural oils and diets. The natural oil such as the tea tree oil, rosewood oil etc has much rich content in them for effective treatment of acne. There is a natural treatment for acne like going for diet with apples and water alone for three days. Among the natural oils the green tea oil is the best way to treat the acne spots.

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